Years 3 and 4 perform Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Elmhurst School for Boys

25th June 2015

Years 3 and 4 recently performed Goldilocks and the Three Bears, to their proud parents.

Months in the making, the play was a musical based on one of Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes. The story is set in a courtroom where Goldilocks is on trial for the breaking in and entering of the Three Bears' house, the stealing of porridge and criminal damage to their property, namely their chairs and bed linen.

There were lots of great performances, in particular by Oscar (Goldie) Joseph (Papa Bear), Oliver (Defence Lawyer), Faizal (who played a scary Judge South), all in Year 4. However, the roles of the Year 3 boys were of utmost importance, as the main part of this story was carried through music and singing.

Many thanks must go to the staff who organised the play: Miss Cole and Mr Whiting for the fantastic work they did on the music, as well as Mr Kelly, who organised most of the rehearsals. Mr Cater organised props and costumes and Miss Allen and Mrs Neagu came in in their spare time to help out with make-up.

Read some of Year 3’s comments about the play:

“Our play was very exciting. The parents loved it and so did I. I was getting so hot in the hall waiting for my part. I was Pinocchio with a cute little button nose. The teachers did such a great job and it was real success. I was really good at my part.”
Samih U (3B)

“The play was great. Me and Amesh's job was quite hard to do, however it went well and we both really enjoyed it.”
Rahul M (3B)

“I enjoyed the Year 3 and 4 production because it looked entertaining. Singing 'Innocent or guilty' was one of the best parts as we had different parts to sing. Supporting the defence team was excellent because we got our own part to sing. I was a postman in the play.”
Thushan P (3B)

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