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22nd September 2017 | Little Elms Blog

Well, the new school year has kicked off with a bang. All of the Little Elms have settled in really nicely. I really feel all the pre-visits to the school before the year begins help the boys to become confident with their new surroundings. The home visits are another important part of our settling in process. I would like to thank all the Little Elms parents for inviting Miss Payne and I into their homes. It was lovely to see the boys in their familiar surroundings. I know a lot of them were a bit shy but when they came into school the next week, they were full of confidence and ready for school.

As I stated earlier, the new school year kicked off with a bang, and that came in the form of an inspiring Inset Day based on Inspire Maths. Inspire Maths in a program Elmhurst started last year. It is based on the way Maths is taught in Singapore. Their ethos is that all children are good at Maths and that as educators we need to find the best method for each child. One of the more interesting methods of teaching they adapt is total saturation of numbers. Going deep, as they like to call it.

This term Little Elms will be exploring a different number each week - finding different ways of making, writing and finding a single number. Parents, look on our class website for not only the Sound of the Week, but also the Number of the Week.

Mrs Skinner

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