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4th May 2017 | Early Years

Our topic for the first half of the Summer Term in Little Elms is Fantasy and Adventure. To kick off our adventure we are introducing a different Fairy Tale each day. We began with Little Red Riding Hood. The boys enjoyed exploring colours and how they can be blended to create a painting of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf in the deep dark woods. We also set out a story sack that allowed the boys to take on different roles in the story. Next we discussed the Three Little Pigs. In cooking we made pig shaped bread rolls and we explored the story by building houses out of straw, sticks and bricks. We all had fun Huffing and Puffing the houses down.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff introduced one of the best STEM afternoons, ever! I set out ‘rivers’ all over the classroom and the boys made different bridges to get across without getting eaten by the Troll. The boys played with finger puppets and did gingerbread men stamping for The Gingerbread Man. Finally, we had messy play with porridge and bears, for The Three Little Bears.There were lots of other activities that tied in all 7 areas of learning, too many to name really.

By the end of the week we were all on our knees, boys included. Why the huge effort? Well we are getting to the end of our single sound phonics and are beginning to blend sounds. Some boys will be ready to read soon and what a great way to get them interested in taking this huge next step than to submerge them in books. Not to brag but it has really worked, the boys are selecting reading in the quiet area over building at the moment. Long may it last.

Click here to view the pictures of Little Elms enjoying their Fantasy and Adventure Topic

-  Mrs Skinner

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