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6th May 2016 | Early Years

‘Critical Thinking’ is one of the hot educational buzz words of the moment for all areas of learning from Early Years all the way up into Secondary School. Critical thinking is letting children have their own ideas, making links and choosing ways to do things. Not always easy when you are working to a timetable and trying to follow a lesson plan packed with adult directed learning.

Fortunately, in Little Elms we have a lot more time for allowing our boys to explore, have their own ideas and solve problems independently. One way in which I have tried to enable the boys to begin thinking for them-selves is through our Stem afternoons every Thursday. Stem is science, technology, engineering and maths. Essentially I set out different activities that use these principles and allow the boys to think of ideas, test them and then review their idea. They can then work if it was successful or how they can change it to be what they wanted.

This week the boys had wooden blocks, craft sticks and cups. We sat down on the carpet and talked about what the thought they might build. Once they had an idea, they began to construct some amazing structures, flower gardens and a catapult. Amazing!!!!

Click here to see the photos of Little Elms children using their critical thinking to build structures, flower gardens etc.

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