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24th March 2017 | Headmaster's Blog

Thank you to all of those parents who attended the presentation evening of ‘Our Shared Vision’. An Elmhurst School Development Plan brochure was handed out during that evening outlining the vision for the future of the school. If you were unable to attend and would like to have one of these brochures, they are available in the front entrance or from the office. I hope that you are all enthused about the fact that we are successfully moving forwards with ‘The 21st Century Boy’ at the heart of all that we are doing.

The 4 C’s underpin the development of those 21st century skills within our lessons and they are apparent in all areas of the curriculum. Critical Thinking has been a focus for the school within the teaching and learning for the last few terms. The Mastery questions from the Thinking Classroom used within our reflective plenaries are where pupils discuss the how and why of their learning (Communication). Critical Thinking skills are used to identify problems and Creative Thinking skills are required to solve those problems. Collaboration is extremely important for the other C’s to be effective. We need to work together and with others to be successful. I have always said that boys will achieve their potential if the teachers, parents and pupils work together and Communication is the key to that success.

This week I have felt a great deal of pride and happiness through my interaction with the boys. I was taking a Year 6 lesson where they needed to work in pairs on the computers to research and compile a report. The Year 1 boys had an ICT lesson at the same time in the adjacent room of the suite and the technological literacy skills for their age were just astonishing. Both year groups were demonstrating the collaboration required to succeed. 

Finally, the Little Elms had an Open Morning in the Forest on Wednesday. Parents were invited to join them in the woods for their Forest School experience. The rain had been pouring all morning but this did not deter them from making that journey into the woods. They were wrapped up warm and in their waterproofs before being dropped off for the short trek into the forest. I am delighted to say that all of the parents were there waiting, also in their warm clothes and waterproofs. After a while they did return, a little early due to the weather, but the grit and determination shown by the little Elms, their teachers and parents to continue with the open morning was a clear demonstration of one of the most important characteristics of the ‘21st Century Boy’: resilience!

Mr AJ Padfield
Acting Head
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