Year 4’s Study of Ancient Egypt

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8th October 2021 | Key Stage 2

Year 4 have been studying Ancient Egypt and have done some fantastic activities as part of this learning, to include a trip to The Horniman Museum, recreating the River Nile in Forest School and then presenting their learning to parents in an assembly.

Below is a write up on the trip by ES – Year 4:

“Year 4OS went to The Horniman Museum on Friday. When we got there, we were shown o where we were staying. Then we went to find some Ancient Egyptian artefacts. First, we found the top of a very old sarcophagus which had lots of detailed paintings on it. Then we found a scarab amulet. Next, we found an old mummified cat. After, we saw a chestnut brown model ship with people rowing on it and a captain giving orders. Then we went to our workshop.

We talked about the steps of mummification and we were given 3000-5000 years old Egyptian artefacts to look at and touch with gloves because if you used your hands without anything on them, they would easily break. Next Lucie (the person that was helping us) put up an x-rayed picture of a mummy so we could place the objects on and beside it, where they would go in a proper Egyptian mummification. Then a mummified bird was passed around. It was so crumbly, that we were not even allowed to stroke it. It was like it was made from black dust.

After that, we left the workshop and went to the music section of the museum to look for an Egyptian musical instrument called ‘bone clappers’. They were made from bone in the shape in an arm with the hand on it. We did not really know what they were used for but I think they were used for clapping with them.

Then we went to lunch. For lunch we each had two cheese sandwiches, a packet of crisps, a Kit Kat, a packet of biscuits and a pot of grapes. After lunch, we went to the gardens to find the plant the Egyptians used to make parchment. Then we went to the park. It had lots of strange musical instruments. For example, there was a sort of pedal piano and a standing up xylophone. Then, we got in the minibus and headed back to school.”

Watch this video of Year 4 recreating The River Nile at Forest School:

Photos from the Year 4 Ancient Egypt Assembly


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