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What is remote learning at Elmhurst School?

Elmhurst School for Boys remote learning uniquely offers each pupil from Little Elms right through to Year 6, with a full timetable jam packed full of their regular curriculum and activities. In the lead up to the school closure, we recognised that providing an online learning experience that replicated ‘school’ as closely as possible was important for the continuity of education. As a result, we set up Google Classrooms for each of our form groups and specialist subjects to allow our boys to begin to adapt to this new way of working.

What does a ‘normal’ day look like?

Our boys are provided with live face to face video teaching and learning from their teachers, which includes verbal and written feedback on children's work using Google Classroom and Google Hangouts. This also allows us to continue assessments, ensuring children continue to make good progress.

Live Google Hangouts work well to engage the boys in the lessons. Teachers can introduce the learning objective and engage the boys in discussions with each other before giving the pupils time to work on the task. Towards the end of the lesson the boys have the opportunity to reflect on their learning together and with their teacher. 

How are you monitoring and adapting this new way of learning?

We are continuously monitoring and adapting this new way of learning to ensure that we are meeting the requirements for our boys, and also their parents. We conduct regular reviews with parents and pupils, and through these ongoing reviews we have recognised that pupils need time away from their screens, exercise and opportunities to socialise with their friends. This led to adjustments in the timetable, such as allocating time for the boys to talk to each other through a theme or topic or just a ‘show and tell’ scenario. Teachers are also taking this into consideration when setting tasks – allowing the boys to step away from their desks.  

Do you provide online learning for your Lower School pupils?

It was vital to us that all our boys received the same type of online learning to ensure consistency in their life away from physical school. It was even more evident to us that this was extremely important for our Lower School pupils, taking into consideration the daily contact that they would normally have with their teachers.

When we began our online journey, we had live lessons with all the boys in the Lower School. However, based on parent feedback, it became apparent that our younger pupils needed a little more support and therefore this work needed to fit around the parents schedules. As a result, our teachers began to incorporate pre-recorded lessons into their virtual classrooms which could be accessed at the family's convenience. However, that doesn't mean that our lives lessons have stopped; teachers have been keeping in touch in a ‘live’ sense through phonics lessons, assemblies, form time periods in the mornings and a ‘circle time’ review at the end of each day to continue that daily interaction. These changes have been well received by parents and ensured that our youngest children still receive the highest quality of education possible, even when they are not in school!


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"Miss King has been brilliant with the kids . Very accessible and flexible and making a real effort to engage the kids . The Live Phonics lesson today was very good . In fact all live sessions have been good as kids have the opportunity to interact. "

Little Elms Parent

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