Black History Month at Elmhurst School

Elmhurst School for Boys

9th October 2020

Black History Month at Elmhurst School

October marks the celebration of Black History Month, and our boys have been spending time celebrating the achievements, and hearing the stories of black people throughout history. 

Within their bubbles, the boys have had a variety of assemblies which have focused on the remarkable achievements of many famous people, such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama, as well as hearing about the achievements of many black sports stars such as Usain Bolt and Raheem Sterling.

This celebration of achievement and understanding of history ties in with the work Year 5 and 6 have done recently within our integrated curriculum, especially around the Windrush generation. Year 5 and 6 boys had a special visitor, Shango, who was part of the Windrush generation. He explained the story of his life, and how he travelled from Trinidad to England in 1961 to start a new life. We were very proud of all our pupils, who listened attentively and asked very sensible and mature questions. Next week the Year 5 boys will travel to the London Docklands Museum to learn more about Black History Month. They will then record their findings and present this in a virtual assembly for the whole school to benefit from.

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