Cognitive Flow at Forest School

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25th January 2019 | Forest School

Cognitive Flow at Forest School

This term at Elmhurst, we have been focusing on 'Cognitive Flow' and the idea that when we are learning, we can become so immersed and so focused on the moment, that we lose track of time. 

Cognitive Flow has many benefits, increasing the level of cognition in the brain and making connections, which can then stimulate high levels of creative thinking, allowing for deep level learning.

This is experienced frequently at our Forest School sessions and Mrs Mawanda and Mrs Lloyd are always dazzled by the levels of creativity that the boys display at Forest School. Pupils always enjoy 'Go with the flow' time at Forest School, allowing for Cognitive Flow and all helped by the following ingredients:

1. Nature - Littleheath Woods through all the seasons, with its sticks, mud, leaves, trees, fungi and moss
2. Weather which changes our experiences at Forest School, whether it's snow, torrential rain, or sunshine through the canopy
3. Elmhurst pupils, staff and families and their many different ideas waiting to be set free 
4. Time - for pupils to explore, unwind and just be themselves
5. Freedom - for pupils to choose what they want to do and be led by their own curiosity
6. Skills and Safety - enabling pupils to look after themselves, each other and the woods, through trust, respect and teamwork

Apart from all of the amazing creative and critical thinking as a result of our regular Forest School sessions, did you know that Cognitive Flow and deep level learning in the outdoor environment (U Dettweiler, ‎2017) can reduce the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, in your blood?

At Forest School, our pupils are having fun in a stress-free environment and as a result, they experience optimal levels of learning. Parents can also help at home by getting outside and spending time with nature. So, why not go for a walk this weekend? You might be surprised at how good you feel! 

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