Congrats to our published Author

Elmhurst School for Boys

25th September 2020

Congrats to our published Author

Although for many of us the recent period of lockdown has been challenging, one of our students, Lyam Mosnier, used it as an opportunity. Lyam is a very gifted scientist and an ICT whizz, and he often impresses staff and students alike with his incredible subject knowledge. Whilst at home during the period of school closure, Lyam took this opportunity to put his expertise to good use, and he wrote a book! This book is all about a website called Discord.js, which many of our students use to communicate with each other outside of school. His book was so good that it is currently available to buy on Amazon, so we asked Lyam to write a short extract telling us all about it!

“About two months ago, I thought of writing a book on discord.js. Discord.js is an amazing library built on JavaScript that allows you to make a chatbot. My own bot, Raven, was built using Discord.js and using it I have written over 2000 lines of JavaScript so far. It took me some time to actually get started on the book; I needed to get an amazon account, I needed to plan the book out, I needed to research discord.js even further, but now, I have released the book. In the past, I had helped a lot of people with making chatbots, editing commands and getting data. Now, with this book, all I need to do is send them a link.The book is aimed towards large community owners who get asked a lot of questions about their group. With the book, you make a chat bot so that you don’t need to copy and paste your answers every time someone asks the question. This means that you can spend time on playing games, while your computer answers any questions. In the book, I show you how to set up the bot, send messages, and build an automated response."

You can get the book HERE

Well done Lyam - everyone in the Elmhurst family is so proud if you! Keep up the hard work.

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