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28th June 2013 | Sport

Tuesday 25th June 2013.

Elmhurst Staff vs Elmhurst Parents

Tuesday evening witnessed one of the highlights of the sporting summer.  In fact a cricket match of this nature threatened to put even the Ashes into the shade.

The Parents XI decided to bat first and an opening partnership between Mr Patel (Nyal 3B) and Mr Gopinathan (Purav 4C) of 22 in just 4 overs threatened an imposing total.  However Mr Harrington made the first break through and there followed a regular fall of wickets. The highlight came with the introduction of Miss Dawson into the attack,  an over of bounce, flight and pace proved too much for Mr Shah (Krishan 5H) and the ball that finally got him out had “Warne” like qualities! Sadly for the parents they subsided to 127 all out.

The Staff XI then batted, an opening partnership of 17 between Mr Beck and Mr Harrington was followed up by solid scores from Mr Clark (27), Clement Li Raphael (16) and Mr Kelly (25).  Although the highlight remained the high quality 1 scored by Mrs Hodge!  Apart from Mr Shah “fluking” a wicket with a straight ball the Staff XI moved serenely to reach their target in the 16th over.

We had a fantastic evening and the game was a lot of fun.  Thank you to all the parents who played and those who came to watch. Special thanks to Mr Raphael and Clemmie who got roped into the game at the last minute! Thanks also to Palmer for umpiring and Raul who did most of the scoring.  

I hope that we will see this game as an annual feature of the Summer Term.

Elmhurst Staff vs Elmhurst Parents @ OWA.  Tuesday 25th June 2013. 
The Parents won the toss and batted     
Parent Batting      
 Batsman  How out BowledScore
1Mr Patel (Nyal 3B) CaughtMr SouthMr Raphael33
2Mr Gopinathan (Purav 4C) StumpedMr KellyMr Harrington6
3Mr Patel (Keean 6F)  StumpedMr KellyMr South13
4Mr Cutmore (Alfie 5H) LBW Krish Patel7
5Mr Stremes (Hugo 5C) CaughtMr BeckMr South16
6Mr Patel (Samir & Kiran) CaughtMr ClarkeMr Bessell1
7Rahul Patel  Bowled  Mr Beck10
8Mr Shah (Krishan 5H) Bowled  Miss Dawson2
9Mr Gray (Joshua 5H) Bowled  Mr Beck0
10Mr Unnithan (Raul 5H) Bowled  Clemmie2
11Mr Malhotra (Roshan 5H)  Not Out 12
  Extras    25
   Total 127 All Out   
Staff Bowling      
Bowler OversMaidensRuns WicketsAverage 
Mr Clarke 20180#DIV/0! 
Mr Harrington20818.00 
Mr Cater 20250#DIV/0! 
Krish Patel10616.00 
Mr South 301527.50 
Mrs Hodge10150#DIV/0! 
Mr Bessell1010110.00 
Mr Beck 10321.50 
Miss Dawson10313.00 
Clemmie 2012112.00 
Mr Raphael10515.00 
Staff Batting      
 Batsman  How out BowledScore
1Mr Harrington  Bowled  Mr Patel (Keean 6F) 2
2Mr Beck   Retired 26
3Miss Dawson  CaughtMr PatelMr Gray (Joshua 5H)0
4Mr Clarke   Retired 27
5Mr South  Bowled  Mr Shah (Krishan 5H)14
6Clemmie   Not Out 16
7Mr Kelly   Retired 25
8Mrs Hodge  Bowled  Mr Patel (Samir & Kiran)2
9Mr Bessell   Not Out 1
10Mr Cater   DNB  
11Mr Raphael   DNB  
  Extras    18
   Total 131 for 4   
Parent Bowling      
Bowler OversMaidensRuns WicketsAverage 
Mr Patel (Samir & Kiran)1.4010110.00 
Rahul Patel20160#DIV/0! 
Mr Gopinathan (Purav 4C)2010110.00 
Mr Unnithan (Raul 5H)10160#DIV/0! 
Mr Patel (Keean 6F) 1080#DIV/0! 
Mr Gray (Joshua 5H)1016116.00 
Mr Cutmore (Alfie 5H)20180#DIV/0! 
Mr Stremes (Hugo 5C)1090#DIV/0! 
Mr Malhotra (Roshan 5H)20130#DIV/0! 
Mr Patel (Nyal 3B)1070#DIV/0! 
Mr Shah (Krishan 5H)10515.00 
 Elmhurst Staff Win     

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