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25th November 2016 | Forest School

Little Elms, Reception and Year 3 have all been enjoying their adventures in Forest School this half term.

Little Elms: How do you cure a woodland dragon's cold?
Ask Little Elms! We went on a dragon hunt this week using lots of positional vocabulary...over logs, under benches, around trees, down the hill and across the swamp. We found Little Dragon and he told us his dad (Sneezey) was still ill and is still sneezing on the Choo-choo fairy camps! Please could we help? Well Little Elms are definitely problem solvers. hey made leaf medicine, a dragon's bed and lit a fire for him (with Mrs Mawanda's help). The language that came out of the problem solving discussion was wonderful.

Click here to view pictures of the Dragon's bed made by Little Elms.

Reception: Three Little Pigs safe at Forest School
The wolf will definitely not be getting into our stick houses! Reception have been building some amazing wooden structures in Forest School, collecting sticks and carrying them safely as a team to the camp, learning how to tie knots and then measuring and using the right lengths to make a really strong house. The wolf also fell into the mud soup and got caught in a rope trap. We had hot chocolate to celebrate! Reception have also enjoyed identified the amazing variety of colours of leaves and made a beautiful picture. What leaves can you find at home?

Click here to view pictures of Reception building their wooden structures.

Year 3: Soil Scientists
Mrs Mawanda has to admit that she did not know anything about the amazing variety of soils there are in Littleheath Woods, but thanks to Year 3, she now knows! This week we collected samples of loam, peat, clay and sandy soils in the woods, discussed why they were located in the different areas, how the soil was made and how it affected plant growth. This was further investigated, back in the classroom. Have a look at home and see if you can find any other kinds of soils. We also used tools to make a Father Christmas model, a hanging star, leaf flags and this week we made a bench for the fire area.

Click here to view pictures of Year 3 boys researching soil.

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