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6th February 2014

Last week, the winners of the Elmhurst poetry competition were announced.  The competition was held to provide the boys with the opportunity to exercise their fantastic skills in poetry that they had been practising in their English lessons.

Pupils from all age ranges were encouraged to take part and the number of entries was overwhelming.

As part of the wider English Curriculum, the boys have been studying a diverse range of poetry at school, from Haiku to Kennings.

There were so many fantastic entries that the judges had a tough time selecting one winner from each category.  However, after a lot of head scratching, the winners were eventually chosen and were as follows:

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2: Shravan G

The judges thought that Sharvan’s poem demonstrated knowledge of rhyme and rhythm; and created a cold, winter scene well.

Years 3 and 4: Joshua G

The judges were impressed by Joshua’s well-chosen similes and metaphors in this original poem.

Years 5 and 6: Theo M

The judges thought that Theo had captured London in a well-observed snapshot of a hectic life in the capital city.

Congratulations to the winners, who all received a voucher for £7.50 that will no doubt be spent on a poetry book to further inspire our young poets!

Year 5 poetry readings

We would also like to give a special mention to three Year 5 boys who were selected to perform a poem to the entire school.  As part of their studies, Year 5 have explored performance poetry and how devices such as movement, expression, volume and percussion can enhance a performance.

The boys had impressed so much in class, their performances had to be shared with the entire school.

In particular, the performance of The Visitor by Ian Serrailier, a poem about a ghostly visitation, was extremely well executed with chilling voices and percussion that added to the atmosphere.  Some of the younger boys (and teachers) had their knees knocking!

Mr Cater


Purav M (5H) writes about Year 5’s creative writing topic:

During this term, Year 5 have been learning about poems. We have been writing our own riddle, conversation, rhyme and nonsense poems.  We also had to recite poems written by other poets such as Walter de la Mare, Judith Nicholls, Allan Ahlberg and William Blake.  We had to perform them in front of the class.

Three boys, Purav, Aman and Pablo, were chosen to perform their poems in front of the school. Aman performed The Tiger by William Blake, Purav performed Colin by Allan Ahlberg and Pablo performed The Visitor by Ian Serrailer. Pablo and Purav used a tambourine to add expression and emphasis. We all enjoyed it and are thankful to the awesome Mr Cater for choosing this topic for this term.

Written by Purav (5H)

Watch a short video of Year 5 pupils performing poems:

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