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14th March 2014

This week, Year 6 have been writing about their Buddies and what they enjoy most about being a role model for children in Reception.

Read some examples of their work:

My buddy is awesome! His name is Michel and he is four years old. He has a wonderful personality even if he is always scampering around but that makes him even more playful (if that is possible.)

Michel seems to be quite sporty and has a special interest in climbing, which he is brilliant at. He also seems to have a special ability to make up a game with anything… anything! I mean if he found a Lego brick he would probably start playing catch with it or if he found a piece of scrap paper he would probably see how long it would take him to chuck it in the bin.

Anyway my buddy is COOOOOLL! He always will be!

By Alex 6H


My buddy’s name is Ayan. He enjoys playing out in the playground underneath the gleaming golden sun. The games he loves are ‘It’ and collecting hula-hoops. He is currently four years of age as his birthday is on 30th May.

When he is outside he can be extremely enthusiastic as well as talkative. He loves One Direction so he is constantly singing their songs. When I am with him during Buddy lunch, we talk about the adventures we have had over the weekend. Then we go outside into the playground and have a fantastic time playing lots of different games.

His best friend (who he plays and sings One Direction songs with) is Michaeel, who is also in Reception, talkative and enthusiastic. This is what (I think) makes them such good friends. So you could imagine that they are often seen sitting together at lunch not to mention playing together in the playground.

The Buddy System that we have here at Elmhurst School is an exceptionally good idea. This is because it brings together the boys at both ends of the school. Every Year 6 boy has a buddy from Reception, however some share one. It can also be a help to the young boys of Reception as the older Year 6 boys can give them an idea of the school and what to expect in the six years to come in their Elmhurst life.

Overall, I feel Ayan really enjoys himself at Elmhurst and has settled in very well.

I wish him good luck. I hope he has a great time at Elmhurst.

By Theo 6P


My Buddy is named Joshua. He is 4 years of age, and loves jokes; he has one for every occasion. He also loves to have fun outside. He is about 110 cm tall with an extremely creative imagination and rainbow coloured personality.

My buddy Joshua enjoys playing puzzle games and getting a lot of exercise by running around and playing sports. But most of the time I see him play basketball, especially with his friend Joshua. He really loves to play with his friends and to include his other friends to play the game with them. Not to mention how talented he is at most things in the playground.

When I first met Joshua I was overwhelmed with joy when I saw him for the first time. It made me feel happy that I finally have my buddy because I have been waiting for that moment since year 3 when I saw the year 6 helping the receptions around and playing with them in breaks.

Joshua is a very fast runner and sportsman and also very energetic. If you are with Joshua, you have fun at the start of the day all the way to the ring of the bell at the end of the day!

By Ewan 6P


RuShayne my buddy is very funny. When he sees me he always hugs me. He thinks that the pirate ship is real. He likes playing outside with me.

RuShayne gets on with his friends very well. When I see him I think of him as my little brother and I will truly dread the day I have to say goodbye to RuShayne. I will always remember him.

By Ramiz 6P

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