Year 1 - Parent and Son Forest School Day

Elmhurst School for Boys

9th June 2017 | Forest School

We had such a memorable Parent and Son Forest School on 23rd May. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came and a special thank you to our ‘fire guardian’, James’ grandad.
Here are some comments written in a recount by the boys:  

"Last Tuesday we went to Forest School for the whole day" - Chirayu

"I went on the minibus." - Aren

"First, I went to get some logs for the fire." -  Aadi

"We went on a treasure hunt and then we were hiding some tins from the other class." -  Ibrahim

"After some time, we made some arrows for the treasure hunt." -  Arjun

"They were in a big field and 1P managed to find them." -  Hari-Om

"We learnt badgers come at night. " - Freddie

"The mud was a very dirty place to go and I went there to dig for treasure." -  Aadi

"After that we came back to camp." -  Daniyal

"We played eagle eyes and our Mums and our Dads came and we made a fabulous tent." -  James

"Next, our Mums came and we ate lunch." -  Sam

"For lunch I had 2 sandwiches, 10 olives, 5 grapes, 4 tomatoes and 1 oaty bar." -  Luke

"After that we made bread and we made soup. " - Taran

"The bread was swirly." -  Max

"In the soup we put amazing parsnips and carrots. Finally the soup was ready. " - Rishan

"And it was fun and I played with my Daddy with the art. " - Rohan

"The best part was when me and my dad roasted marshmallows and then I even ate bread." -   William

"Later on we whittled our own  sticks so we could eat delicious marshmallows." -  Noah

"Afterwards our parents came and I whittled with my Mummy." -  Fionn

"I love Forest School because we get to do whatever we want to." -  Mithun

"Then we played on the wooden swing. We had so so much fun." -  Areeb

"Later on, we had marshmallows but we also had popcorn. Yummy!" - Keon

"The popcorn was popping and crackling. Jahaan

"We went happily home." - Taran

Click here to watch a video of Year 1's Forest School adventures.

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