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25th June 2015

Year 1 have had a wonderful time at Forest School this half term and the boys have enjoyed writing poems about their experiences.

Read some of Year 1’s Forest School poems:

The Forest by Rayan J
I have butterflies in my tummy. I am so excited!
I feel free
I’m an explorer on an adventure
I make sculptures out of clay
I make fire out of wood
I build a tent out of sticks and sheets

It is dark in the Forest
I can hear the birds tweeting and singing
The ground is covered with sticks and leaves
Crunch! Crunch! As I clump through the crunching forest
I live in buildings
But the bird’s buildings are the trees.
I wish I was a bird living in the trees and flying free

The Woods by Nathan H
The Woods are very good
If there aren’t any trees there will be lots of floods
There are lots of little flowers with lots of little buds
Pansies, daffodils, daisies, bluebells, tulips and poppies too!
There are lots of different kinds of trees
There are the pine trees tall and thin with lots of prickly pines
Stinging nettles that really sting right into your skin
The dock leaves help to get the sting away
Rub, rub, rub, rub it goes away. YEAH!
There are lots of tiny creatures including butterflies that fly in the breeze and lots of bumblebees

My Senses in the Forest by Mikaeel K
I can hear the sound of the birds
Chirping and the wind blowing gently across the forest
I can see the trees and the leaves and the soil with the air
I can touch the sticks and the ground and the insects all wriggly if I’m honest
I can smell food cooking on the fire here and there
I can taste the air so fresh and cool
I feel very happy when I am at Forest School

Forest School by Christian O
Trees help you to breathe and to hide
Forest School has lots of trees
In Forest school it is lovely
We play loads of games
There are loads of creatures

Better than Forests by Narein M
Every Forest I went to is boring
Nothing to learn
But when I remember about Forest School
I loved it there and so will you
I saw loads of plants
And beware of the stinging nettles
If you touch one you get marks
Twice I got stung!!!!!
Sometimes I get stung in Forest School
By Stinging Nettles
But I hope you feel what I am talking about
Elmhurst Forest School is the best
Because of its holes and leaves
When I went there with my parents
I climbed up to the top of the tree
And I jumped down from the tree
Elmhurst Forest School is the best!

My Poem by Ayan P
In the Forest I see
bugs crawling
butterflies flying

In the Forest I hear
footsteps crunching
wind blowing and
raindrops dripping

In the Forest I touch
long green grass and
rough bump bark

In the Forest I smell
Tasty lunch and
Soft warm toasted marshmallows

In the Forest I feel
Happy, excited and glad
But now I am sad
As we are not going to Forest School until Year 2

Forest School by Joel  C
I love Forest School
I love the tree and the woods
I love playing with my friends
I love smelling the fresh air
My teachers are very lovely

The Forest by Ishaan B
Birds are tweeting, trees working
The woods are nice to be exploring
Children playing, fire burning
We can’t go outside the boundaries
And we look for creatures

I’m a poet and I don’t know it by Rishi B
I can hear birds tweeting
Bugs and worms wriggling
I can see leaves on the trees
Moving extremely slowly
I can touch the ground very dirty
I can smell people cooking
I can taste the food cooking
I feel air drifting in my face

Forest School by Niyam P
The wind blows from the sky
And makes the leaves fly
When you go to the Forest you see coloured bugs like a caterpillar or a slug
The trees are tall and you can’t reach them all
For me the Forest is a good place to be

Year 1 also recently enjoyed a Forest School picnic with their families. View photos.

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