Year 2 visit Polka Theatre

Elmhurst School for Boys

23rd January 2014

Year 2 recently visited Polka Theatre in Wimbledon, to watch Alice in Wonderland.

The boys all enjoyed the show, although they were surprised that the Queen was so rude; not only did she call people stupid, but she chopped off their heads as well!

2D and 2W reflect on the trip:

“Alice in Wonderland was spectacular and extremely funny and my favourite bit was when the tortoise sang a song about soup.” - Rahul 2D

“My favourite part was when Alice fell down the rabbit hole, that was awesome!” - Thushan 2D

“The rabbit was funny and the tortoise too! The show was magnificent.” - Arnav 2D

“I enjoyed the play, especially when Alice became gigantic!” - Stanley 2W

“We saw Alice in all kinds of places.  My favourite part was when Alice saw the garden and wanted to get through the magic door.  The show was brilliant!” - Yipeng 2W

“I enjoyed the play because Alice was funny.  I liked it when she kept saying to the audience, 'You're making noise!'” - Aayan 2W

“Although the theatre was tiny, the play was super!” - Keshav 2D

“There was a queen but she was evil because she planned to cut people’s head off!” - Roan 2D

“We saw the Queen of Hearts, Alice, a mouse, the Mad hatter, a white rabbit and the turtle.  My favourite part was when the pretend petals came down on us and when they sang the songs.” - Ethan 2W

“My favourite part was when a snail performed a dance while poor Alice was in jail. It became a bit weird because I didn’t realise where the mysterious rabbit hole was.  Alice almost had her head executed off but luckily it was all a dream." - Shravan 2D

“Alice in Wonderland was extremely awesome.  My favourite part was when the cat kept on purring.  It was definitely a play for kids because they said ‘stupid’ and if you said that to an adult they would get extremely mad!" - Samih 2D

“It started when there was a girl called Alice who had an older sister. One day Alice was playing too loud so her older sister said ‘you’re too loud’. Alice said ‘the louder you play, the louder I’ll play.’ So the older sister said ‘you are spoilt’" - John 2D

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