Year 2 visit the Tower of London

Elmhurst School for Boys

27th February 2014

Despite the inclement weather, on Friday 14 February, Year 2 ventured to the Tower of London. First, we walked to Monument and Pudding Lane which is where all of the action started! We visited the crown jewels at the Tower of London and took part in a special drama workshop called Fire! Fire! Fire! It was a great way for the boys to recap on their learning of the Great Fire of London topic. The boys also got the chance to practise their maths skills by buying small souvenirs at the shop. We then had to run back to the coach to avoid getting soaking wet! A big thank you to all of the parents that came with us.

2D and 2W reflect on the trip:

“I loved my trip to the Tower of London. It is Her Majesty's Royal Palace and fortress.” Aayan

“The crown jewels are kept at The Tower of London, that's 23,578 gems!” John

“The tower is infamous as a place of torture and punishment.” Daniel

“One of the legends is about ravens. Ravens are birds. People say that if 6 ravens leave the tower then the kingdom will fall! People are so scared that they cut off the raven's wings!” Keshav

“Forty beefeaters guard the Tower. They got their name because they got paid with beef! The beefeaters have the same power as the police in the tower.” Rahul

“The Tower used to have the Royal Mint where the coins of the realm were created.” Ashvin

“I enjoyed that we went in an interesting, pitch black and crowded chamber. We saw the crown jewels and we didn't need to move because a long, slow lift took us (sliding right!)” Niam

“Some people say that there are ghosts in the Tower of London but they have no evidence so nobody knows whether they exist or not!” Alexander

“The Royal Zoo used to be at the Tower. It has been home to a polar bear, an elephant, lions and leopards!” Ethan

“The Tower of London is close to Tower Hill.” Toby

View photos of Year 2’s Tower of London trip.

Watch a video of Year 2’s recent assembly performance of London’s Burning:

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