Year 2’s Estimations

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17th November 2014

To start the second half of term, Year 2 have been learning about estimating sets of objects and numbers on a 0-100 number line. We have also learned how to group objects into 2s, 5s and 10s to count large quantities more easily.

We began by estimating a small number of Skittles in a pot, which the boys were very excited to do! We discussed the importance of estimating first, before counting the set of objects. It was helpful for the boys to see what 10 and 20 of the objects looked like before estimating larger sets up to 100.  We had lots of fun estimating Albi’s haricot beans and Joshua’s pasta shapes which they had brought in from home as part of a special Maths mission.

We also looked at blank number lines and used the intervals and halfway marks to help us to make more accurate estimates.

We counted a large group of pencils in 1s and found that it took a long time. We discussed how we could find the total more quickly and decided to group the pencils in 5s or 10s. We then practised counting up the groups and recorded our running total using tallies.

The purpose of the estimating activities was to help the boys understand that there is no such thing as a wrong estimate, although some estimates are more sensible than others. After a range of activities, they also realised that it doesn’t matter if their estimate is not exactly accurate, as long as it is close to the true number.

The grouping exercises helped the boys to realise that equal groups of objects are easier to count than single objects, when finding the total of a large set of objects.

At home, to support your son’s learning, you may like to practise estimating and counting sets of uniform objects (lego bricks, 1p coins, pencils) into a cup or pot.  It is helpful to use objects of different sizes and shapes to help the boys to grasp that the larger each object is, the fewer you will be able to fit into a given space. Additional practise of counting in patterns of 2, 5 and 10 would also help to make his grouped counting more efficient.

Other ideas:
We played these interactive game in class, which the boys really enjoyed!

Maths is Fun Estimation Game

Oswego Estimation Game

Next, in Maths, the boys will be focusing on length, measuring and comparing in centimetres and metres. In Creative Writing, we will be learning how to set out and write a letter (to a mystery recipient) and in Art, we will continue to look at the colourful work of Frida Kahlo and create our own pictures to depict different feelings. In our Topic lessons, we will be learning about the Grand Canyon as part of our focus on American landmarks.

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