Year 3 create their own myths

Elmhurst School for Boys

23rd January 2014

In English, 3B and 3C have enjoyed writing myths and creating their own books.

Read some of the boys’ reflections on their myth topic:

We have been learning about myths and we had fun making our own myths! My myth is called Ninja kids. The beast in my story is called Titan. The heroes in my story are the Ninja kids who had to defeat the hideous, fiendish Titan using fire balls. What I enjoyed about writing the myth was planning the whole story and making sure I added lots of WOW words so it would be far more interesting and people would want to read it. I recommend my myth story book for children 7-11 because there are some very tricky words in it and I have been encouraged to write stories by my mum and my brother. I am thinking of creating a different version of Ninja kids and one day I hope to be selling Ninja kid books!
By Isaiah

Our task was to write our own myth. The title of my myth is called James and the two headed sea dragon. The hero in my myth was called James; the villain in my myth was a two headed sea dragon which could breathe fire and turn invisible. James had to kill this two headed sea dragon which lives in such a deadly habitat. I enjoyed creating my myth especially the last two pages as the battle I described was entertaining. The idea for my myth came from one of my favourite books which contains over fifty different myths and one of them was about a sea dragon so I decided to write my own version of it.
By Andrew

Our task was to write a myth and mine is called Electric Eel. The eel is ferocious and has a lightening tail on its end. The name of the hero is a boy named Theseus who was both brave and strong and killed the fleshy eating Minotaur. This villain had horns like a bull and a six pack like a human. I enjoyed writing the action part of the myth when Theseus has the giant task of defeating the Minotaur. I would recommend my myth story to everyone aged 7-8 years old.
By Joseph

The task was to write a superb myth with neat handwriting and we had to think about our punctuation. The title of my myth is The Blue Knight and the fire breathing bull boy. The hero who saved the day was the Blue Knight. The villains were fire breathing bull boy, giant fire breathing bull boy and the fire and ice breathing dragon. The myth was about an island that gets attacked by horrible beasts and then gets saved by lots of action and comedy. The best part for me is the duel between the hero and the villains! The idea came from Ben Ten and my awesome, really intelligent cool brain!
By Faizal

We have all enjoyed reading each other’s myth books.

View photos of Year 3 and their myth books.

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