Year 3 report on ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’

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8th May 2014

This week, Year 3 went to the Polka Theatre to see an adaptation of Theseus and the Minotaur, a story that they had studied as a comprehension text. The boys then wrote a report on the play, aiming to include time- connectives.

Year 3 boys listened attentively throughout the 70 minute performance, and remembered many details. Some of the boys were able to compare this version with the one that they had previously read.

Read Year 3’s report below:

Today, on Tuesday 6th May, Year 3 went to see the phenomenal Theseus and the Minotaur at the Polka Theatre.

So what happened in the story?
The story is told by Krishna, Cameron, Jaylen, Rohan, Matthew, Joshua, Eyilayo, Arjun, Faizal, Akbar, Oliver, Andrew and Tobi.

The story started at midnight outside Theseus’s house.

Freddy is sitting on a rock listening to music. His mum comes and tells Freddy to go to bed. In the show, he got a text from his extremely brave father.

He meets two weird people that come from the past. They talk about a prophesy, and tell Freddy that his Greek name is Theseus. Theseus is told to push a rock.

At first he refused. After some time he agreed to do what the evil queen had ordered. Later on his mum told him how a man lifted a truck when his daughter was underneath it. He pushed and pushed with all his might, until he had pushed it away, then Baaam! The rock breaks the fence. There is something underneath that rock, it can kill a Minotaur. He moved the big rock to get the sword for fighting the Minotaur. It was a sword which was for killing the Minotaur, not anything else.

Dad is about to die, so Theseus went back to the past. When he got to the past he wondered what should happen next. Immediately an evil queen came and told Theseus what he should do. “You must save your dad” the queen said. “You must steal my daughters earring, then defeat the Minotaur, and place the sword in your dad’s hands. “

So then his exciting journey began. The first enemy he had to face was too fat guys, stuck together. He couldn’t kill them with the sword because it was for killing the Minotaur. Eventually he found a way.

Freddy, on his way, finds a gypsy queen called Ariadne. She can tell the future from this glimmering crystal ball: Theseus Dad was in danger. Theseus needed to kill the Minotaur. After three tries he stole Ariadne’s earring.
Theseus went into the maze, and fought the ferocious Minotaur, but Ariadne was actually the person who killed the Minotaur by stabbing the sword into it.

Then they went back by following the glowing string. Theseus promised to put a white sail on the ship if he was alive and a black sail if he was dead.

Meanwhile, Theseus’s mother was back at home waiting for her brave son to return. Ariadne helped Theseus use the black sail and she helped him get home. But did Theseus save his father? He had him back for his birthday!

Ariadne saves the man in the sea, but dies in the process. Meanwhile Theseus saves his dad and knows it is his real dad because he salutes.

It was Freddy’s birthday and he wished for Ariadne to come back. Finally at the end Freddy blew the candles.

What did you enjoy?
Joseph and Sanjay - we enjoyed the bit when Theseus chucked hi sandwich and the crazy pig sprinted after it.

Eyilayo - the end when his dad came back.

Temu - There were sad bits and happy bits too. There were exhilarating bits like when Freddy killed the Minotaur. It was half bull, half man.

The sad bit was when I found out that his dad was at war, and the happy bit was when he saw his dad again.

I enjoyed the part when Freddy fought the Minotaur, because the gypsy queen killed it instead. When that happened I felt confused because when I read the myth, Freddy killed the Minotaur.

Isaiah - when Theseus was laughing because he looked a bit silly.

Tobi - I enjoyed it when Theseus’ father returns to him.

Kobby - I thought the play was good because it was hilarious.

Faizal - I enjoyed the bit so much when Theseus slayed the Minotaur.

Andrew - I liked this scene because it was one of the liveliest in the play.

Akbar - I enjoyed the story so much. Mostly I liked the bit when Ariadne and Theseus killed the Minotaur.

Mustafa - The story was very fun and exciting. I loved the bit where dad came back.

Faizal - I think for a review I would give the play 9/10 because they could have had the evil woman and man slain, and made the play 10 minutes longer!

What did you learn?
Matthew - don’t give up, be gallant. Trust other people, but not everything could be what it is. Don’t talk to strangers and be the best. Believe you can do it and have faith.

Oscar - I learnt that you should never give up!

Temu - I learnt that you should have hope in other people because he thought his hand was on a bomb and it wasn’t. That’s what I learnt.

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