Year 6 share their 11+ exam experiences

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25th January 2019 | Key Stage 2

Year 6 share their 11+ exam experiences

Many pupils in Year 6 have recently undertaken their 11+ exams for entry into some of the prestigious Independent Schools in the area. Many more have been invited to interviews and scholarship days.

Some of the boys have been sharing their experiences of the 11+ process:

"I would say that the experience is challenging and pupils preparing for it will need to try their best. Elmhurst helped me with English and Maths booster classes and also filling in the gaps I was unsure of." - Mohammed

"Preparing for the exam was challenging, but when it came to taking the actual exams when I put my mind to it, I found that I could achieve something positive. The interviews were quite intimidating at first, but really they were more like a chat, rather than an interview so this took the pressure off my shoulders. My tips would be to work hard in preparation but also take time to relax." - Morgan (Joint-Head Boy)

"I went for a scholarship day at Whitgift. It was more relaxed than I thought it would be as it was more like lessons than tests. On the day we had three different lessons which were Maths/Languages, Science and Philosophy/English. The whole day was alien-themed and we had to decipher a language for the aliens and practise some binary code. In Science, we used a range of chemicals to solve a challenge to make the water turn purple after fifty seconds. In Philosophy, we debated whether we should let the aliens come down to Earth. I would advise anyone to just relax and not to worry about any interviews, as they want you to feel at ease." - Dylan

"The school has mainly helped me in English as this was the area I was weaker in. When you're at the interview, just be yourself and relax. You also need to be forthcoming with information. The mock interview helped me a lot by preparing for the questions and what to research." - Kartik

Well done, Year 6. We look forward to sharing this year's 11+ results soon.

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