Year 6 reflect on their time at Elmhurst

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27th June 2014

As they near the end of term, Year 6 have been reflecting on their time at Elmhurst.

Read some of their written work titled ‘My time at Elmhurst’:

Oliver D (6H):

My time at Elmhurst has been full of events and fun things. I joined in Year 2 so I have had nearly five years at this school. I have made many friends.

Mrs Arnold was my first teacher in Year 2 and I have had three other different teachers in my time here.

I have represented the school in many different things such as choir and football. I have represented the school in choir for all the years I have been here in various concerts and I have played for the school in football for the U11B Football team and U9A team. I have also been to Condover Hall.

I have changed by becoming more independent as a person and have become more successful in exam results and have become more responsible. I will miss the sense of the school being a family because it is a small school and everyone knows everyone. I will also miss my friends who are going to different schools.

Joshua B (6H):

What I have learnt
I have learnt so much since I joined in Year 2, especially because we have added in a new subject which is a business project and I have learnt how to deal with money, how to make profits and how to sell a product to an audience.

What I will miss about Elmhurst
I will miss so much about Elmhurst such as all the teachers - Mrs Hodge, Mr Cater and Mr Padfield. I am going to miss Mr Padfield and Mr Cater because they have supported me all year in football.

I am going to miss Mrs Hodge because she is an excellent form tutor and I was very lucky to have her for two years. Of course last but not least I am going to miss all my friends as they have been so loyal to me over the last four years.

Nerusan (6H):

When I started Elmhurst
I started in September 2007. The first person I met was Ethan. He was also the first person I made friends with. I remember every second of it since it was a key moment of my time.

How have I changed?
I have become more of a leader. I have also become more mature. I have learnt manners and how to be polite. I’ve made lots of progress in many subjects. Throughout the years I have been making more and more friends.

What will I miss?
There are many things I will miss at Elmhurst. I’ll miss my friends, many teachers and swimming. Most of all I will miss my buddy Christian, even though I have only known him for a year.

Taran R-P (6H):

What have I learnt?
I have learnt that as long as you know that you’ve tried your utmost best, it is okay if you win or lose; get a good mark or bad mark, whatever happens will be alright.

What will I miss?
I will miss all the friendly teachers who have helped me get to where I am now, all the friends who have been at my side when times are tough. I will miss everything about Elmhurst School.

Hopefully, when I am at my new school, I will one day return to Elmhurst School and see all the things that make me happy at Elmhurst.

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