Year 6 visit the Globe Theatre

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27th June 2019 | Year 6

Year 6 visit the Globe Theatre

On 21st June, Year 6 enjoyed a trip to the Globe Theatre in London, to enhance their learning of Twelfth Night, ahead of their performance at the end of term. The boys watched an interactive performance of the play, had a tour of the Globe and participated in an acting workshop.

“My favourite part was the play, as we were involved in the parts she was playing out. One of us suggested the actress do a dance (the Dib) and she did this on stage.” (Samanyu)

“When the actress was acting like the two drunk characters in the play, it was really funny! We even got to dance with her at the end.” (Oscar)

“Watching the play was enjoyable because we got a chance to interact.” (Solomon)

“Acting like Malvolio was fun. Acting makes you feel free.” (Mohammed)

“I liked the energy of the acting workshop and it was really fun modelling each other into positions.” (Reuben)

“We’re going to use our own ideas of a dance battle in our play.” (Lucas)

“I also enjoyed learning about how the Globe Theatre was built and why.” (Morgan)

“I liked the way the actress took our ideas and used them all in the play.” (Joshua)

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