Year 6 visit the Imperial War Museum

Elmhurst School for Boys

29th November 2018 | Key Stage 2

Year 6 visit the Imperial War Museum

Year 6 enjoyed a recent trip to the Imperial War Museum to investigate World War One.

Following the trip, each of the boys shared some of the interesting facts that they had learnt. Read their comments below:

Morgan: "The most surprising fact I learnt was that the big guns outside the museum were on ships." 

Lucas: "I didn’t know that the build-up to the World War One began with the Franco-Prussian War in the 19th Century."

Arun: "The best fact I learnt was that the gas used in World War One made a leather glove shrink. That shows you that it would corrupt your lungs."

Samanyu: "My favourite part of the trip was when we got to touch a real soldier’s gun and dress up in their uniforms."

Ayub: "My favourite part was in the replica of a trench when we looked through the periscopes."

James: "I didn’t know that in the war they used clubs in the trenches as there was a lot of hand-to-hand combat."

Joshua: "I didn’t know that when a soldier lost a limb in battle, the doctors sculpted the body parts to replace them."

Mohammed: "The most interesting thing was how big the Mark V British tank was."

Chukwuemeka, Arun & Kartik: "The thing that surprises us most was seeing the gas and how it had affected the leather glove and shrunk it. It was horrible to think how it would have affected the soldier’s lungs."

Freddie: "I never knew that the trenches were that high."

Ali: "I didn’t know that school was compulsory only until the age of 12, in 1914. And also only 6% of children stayed on until 16!"

Solomon: "5,000 British women worked as nurses on the front line looking after the wounded soldiers."

Dylan: "The most surprising thing that I found was that the mental strain of being under attack could lead to a breakdown. This had happened to a German General towards the end of the war."

Reuben: "I was surprised about the range of different weapons they used, such as clubs, Lee Enfield rifles and Tommy guns."

View photos of Year 6 at the Imperial War Museum.

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