Year 6 written work

Elmhurst School for Boys

28th March 2014

Read an example of work from Ethen in Year 6, about his best moments at Elmhurst so far:

My Best Moments
My first best moment was when I started going to Elmhurst School. I met my first ever teacher anxiously but she was sympathetic and helpful and her name was Mrs Russell. Over time I got used to going to Elmhurst a lot.

My second best moments were in Year 4. I had a teacher called Mr Cater and he was a teacher with an overflowing head of kindness! I was also awarded my pen licence. I was filled with lots of shock and I was happy for the rest of the day. At the end of the year there was a sports day and I won a gold medal by beating Ewan (just!)

In my final year as Year 6, I got my first buddy and we got our own locker room. I love it when we get golden time with our buddies.

By Ethen 6P


Read some examples of 6H's written work, about their Buddies in Reception:

My Buddy, Nathan, puts a warm smile on my face every time I see him. He is very, very active in the playground.

Nathan is very diligent when it comes to making new friends. His best friends are Alan and Cyrus, who are both in the same class as Nathan.

When I first met Nathan, he was quite shy, but over time he has grown very independent and social.

The effect that Nathan has had on me is enormous. I feel more responsible than before I met Nathan. Now, Nathan feels more like a younger brother to me than just a Reception boy that I play with.

Looking ahead to the future, I think Nathan, when he gets his own buddy when he is in Year 6, will treasure his buddy until he leaves the school as he is a loveable, wise, caring and mature boy.

That is who my buddy, Nathan, really is!

By Taran 6H


My buddy’s name is Mikaeel and he is currently five years old.

Mikaeel is content and giggles at most of the things that I do. His hair is curly, short and chestnut coloured.

With his best friends: Ayan, Rayan, William and Niyam, Mikaeel is exceedingly playful. They play a game where they chase a ball and throw it to me. He also plays ‘superheroes’ and I am the villain (they always manage to catch me!).

Mikaeel loves watching Disney movies and sings along to ‘Let It Go’ from ‘Frozen’, the newest movie.

Being Mikaeel’s buddy has taught me a lot of positive things: patience, responsibility and fun!

I am lucky to be Mikaeel’s buddy and I think he could not be better.

Krishan (6H) 


My buddy is called Niyam. He is five years old. I share him as a buddy with fellow classmate, Shailen.

Niyam is very active and confident. Niyam’s favourite game is Power Rangers; he likes the Avengers and we play it (I am the villain). In class Niyam is very sociable and sometimes can be humorous. This is why he has a lot of friends.

Being a buddy is more of a responsibility then a privilege as you have to keep your buddy happy while teaching him the path of good. If they are lonely you have to help them as it is like welcoming them to the school.

I love the buddy system as you are the role model for your buddy; you have to show whether you can do well as a person and help your buddy do well too. So it is that extra push to help younger generations do well in life.

By Raul 6H

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