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26th June 2017 | Heads Blog

The past fortnight has provided a number of opportunities for the boys to demonstrate their commitment to teamwork and showcase their talents.

The Upper School Sports Day was a great success this year. I was delighted to see so many boys participating and trying their very best to support their Houses. Every boy that entered a race scored points for his House. Whether they came first or last, each and every boy made a significant contribution to their House score. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and especially Mr Kent and Mr Venier for organising and supporting such a wonderful event. Thank you also to the parents who participated in the parent ‘tug-of-war’. True grit was demonstrated by all!

The Lower School Sports Day was also a great success, with Little Elms enjoying the opportunity to take part in this important Lower School event. The boys enjoyed rotating through a carousel of challenging activities as well as the running races. It was clear to me that there is a tremendous amount of talent in the Lower School and that the future of Elmhurst School sports looks bright. It was wonderful to see so many parents volunteering themselves for the parent races and every single one of you should be proud of your contribution to the day.

The Under 10 Cricket team enjoyed success as late entrants to The Cedars U10 6’s Cricket Tournament. We were invited as late replacements for a school that was unable to attend and the boys took full advantage of the opportunity by making their way convincingly through the rounds and into the semi-final. They played Easton House and won 265 runs to 247 runs meaning that on their first appearance at the tournament they were through to the final and had to play Don Head. This was a very close match with both teams scoring good runs but in the end the two teams were only separated by the number of players who were ‘out’! In the final over Don Head needed two runs to surpass the runs set by Elmhurst. They achieved this with three balls left to be bowled. If Elmhurst could get one of Don Head’s batsmen ‘out’ it would reduce their score by 5 runs. On this occasion Don Head managed to ‘shut out’ the last three balls to maintain their one run lead and win the tournament. I would like to congratulate Don Head for their success but also congratulate our Elmhurst Under 10 team for an excellent first attempt at the tournament. 

Sport reflects life and although one cannot always win a race or a tournament, one can learn to adapt and be resilient, work as part of a team and learn from experience. This is what leads to individuals achieving outstanding achievements in life and here at Elmhurst we ensure the boys have regular opportunities to reap the personal rewards that come as a result of taking part in sport.

The Exhibition of Art alongside the Music Recital evening was also an opportunity for the boys to share their talents in Art and Music with their parents and the school community. The School Hall looked stunning, decorated with artwork from throughout the school on every wall. The boys who played their instruments demonstrated that from Reception to Year 6 there are boys with musical talent. Well done to all of the artists and musicians for showing us all of your incredible talents.

- AJ Padfield 

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