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19th January 2018 | Little Elms

Little Elms Blog: Challenge Activities

This year we have been focusing on 'Challenge' as part of our CODE framework. So far this year, I have been challenging the boys in Little Elms through our Finger Gym and STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Now that the boys are becoming more independent learners, it is time to crank it up a bit!

Beginning this week, Miss Payne and I set up a challenge board. On the board is a picture of each boy with four velcro dots under it. We then set up four Challenges in the classroom. A phonics, maths, expressive arts and finger gym challenge. Each challenge has stars with the boys name on them as well as a sound box. The sound box is a nifty recording device that allows me to explain the challenge again and again, without actually doing it, allowing for further independence.

At registration time, I explain each challenge and role model a few. I then explained that once they complete a challenge, they need to show Miss Payne or myself, then they can celebrate their achievement by placing a star under their picture. Once they complete all four challenges, they get a reward. No, not chocolate...well maybe sometimes! These challenges are set up to stretch the boys but be achievable. I want to nurture independence, not scare them away from it. As they become more accustomed to the idea, the challenges will become more difficult. Each week we will set new challenges, that tie into our planning.

The boys will still continue to benefit from the same teacher-led activities each week, but by allowing the boys to become more independent learners, I am also inspiring them to get involved in their learning.

It was really uplifting to see the boys set off and give the challenges a go. Some wanted to complete them straight away, some did one and went back later to do another. I explained to the boys they have all week to complete them. Half of the boys finished all of the challenges on the first day. I was thrilled!

Click here to view photos of Little Elms enjoying their challenges.

- Mrs Skinner

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