From Little Elms, Great Elm Trees Will Grow

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21st September 2018 | Headmaster's Blog

Welcome back to a new school year!

This week, the Reception boys met the ‘Choo Choo’ Fairies at Forest School. The ‘Choo Choo’ Fairies introduced the boys to a whole new world they probably didn’t know existed. They live next to each other, they work and live together in the woods and they exist in a parallel universe that teaches the boys so much about their new lives at school. Whether it be Personal, Social, Health and Economic education or the development of the 4Cs, the outdoor classroom is essential to the Reception boys settling in.

When the boys walk into Reception they are still hand in hand with their Mum, Dad or guardian. Some are excited and ‘bouncy’. Others are a little less confident. Those who were in Little Elms Nursery are reunited with their old friends after what seems like an eternity and those joining Elmhurst for the first time, are meeting new people and making new friends. The ‘Choo Choo’ Fairies, however, engage the boys in activities that help to break down any perceived barriers which the Reception boys might have.

Equally important to the happiness of the boys in their new environment are their Buddies. Each boy in Reception and Little Elms is assigned a Buddy from Year 6. The Buddies have a responsibility to welcome the younger boys into the culture of Elmhurst, with open arms. To show them what to do and where to go at different times of the day, to be role models in understanding the expectations of our “Six Rules for a Happy Elmhurst Family” and to behave with mutual respect towards all within the community in order that trust and respect become the bedrock of every Elmhurst School expectation.

The themes which underpin all guidance in Early Years are: “A Unique Child” plus “Positive Relations” plus an “Enabling Environment” result in “Learning and Development”. At Elmhurst we work very hard and in a collaborative way, to make sure that these are the most important foci of all that we do, in order that your boys thrive.

It has been said that from little acorns, mighty oak trees grow. At Elmhurst we like to think that: “From Little Elms, great elm trees will grow!”

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” - Plato

-  AJ Padfield

'The Choo Choo Fairy Community in Littleheath Woods' by Max West

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