Head’s Blog: Time for Change

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9th July 2021 | Headmaster's Blog

Head’s Blog: Time for Change

The end of the summer term is always an emotional moment, as it marks the time for change for each and every one of us. Every Elmhurst Boy will finish a year of their education and be moving up. Each teacher finishes with one group of learners and takes on a new group of learners, in the next term. Some Year 6 boys find themselves leaving the only school they have ever known and others the school that they have been at for a while. Some teachers retire, some move schools and others might start with a new year group. Whichever one of these describes you, it is still a moment in life when change occurs. 


Change is inevitable in life. The ability to manage change is the challenge for us all. It is easy to find a ‘comfort zone’ and stay within it for a length of time. However, if you have a growth mindset, you will expect change and be willing and able to take it on. The qualities you need to cope with change are developed when you are young. Resilience, adaptability and a positive attitude are qualities which I am certain Elmhurst has supported the development of in the boys attending this very special school. Whether it be through their Forest School, Sport, Music or Drama experiences or even having to cope with the pressure of assessment and examinations, resilience, adaptability and a positive attitude are what you need to manage change. 

Some people are more resilient, some more adaptable and some more positive than others. However, none of us are immune to change. The end of this academic year feels like the end of an era for Elmhurst School. As I move on, with Mr. Rhimes, Miss Cole, Miss Caterino and Mrs. Mawanda who will move on at the end of next term, we leave the Elmhurst Family for new horizons and new experiences, just like the Year 6 boys and any other boys who are moving on. And just like leaving any members of your family behind, it is emotional and it is difficult. However, with a growth mindset, when it is time for change, consider it as a new opportunity, a new beginning, a new adventure and when your new adventure begins, grasp it, enjoy it and flourish!


Farewell Elmhurst Family, you will always be in our hearts!

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