Little Elms enjoy a Gruffalo Adventure

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2nd March 2018 | Little Elms Blog

Little Elms enjoy a Gruffalo Adventure

Last week, Little Elms hosted our first in a series of Story Adventures events. Our first adventure was based on 'The Gruffalo’s Child' by Julia Donaldson. The Story Adventures events are open to present and prospective families and are a wonderful way to not only gain insight in to how we make learning exciting and inspiring, but they also begin our extended settling-in process for boys joining us in September.

Our adventure began in the Hall with the Gruffalo's Child story. While I read the story to our Little Elms and guests, I used finger puppets to help bring the story to life. This helps younger children, who may not have the listening skills of our older boys. Once our story was finished, I explained a little about our activities and the adventure began.

In the Little Elms classroom we set up activities that enabled the boys to explore all seven areas of learning. Each area was also focused around one of the characters in the story. Sound cubes, pictures and descriptions were also used to enable both boys and parents to be independent. In the Maths area, we set out a variety of twigs and pipe cleaners. In the Gruffalo's Child story, she carries a Stick Man on her adventure. Using the materials parents and their boys were able to build their own Stick Man.

In the Literacy area, we had a variety of natural mark making items. We used compost in trays with sticks for writing. Also on the table were stones, slates and chalk, both natural and man made. Also covering Literacy and Expressive Arts were role play masks, finger puppets and the book itself This gave the boys the opportunity to act out and retell their favourite parts of the story.

Our Finger Gym was based on Snake and his logpile house. We had ‘logs’ on one tray and Snake on another. The boys needed to uses tweezers to cover snake and put him in his house.

On the painting easel, the boys created their own Owl using spiked balls, paint and pre-cut eyes and beaks. We also had chocolate playdough, buttons and purple pipe cleaners to give the boys the opportunity to create their own Gruffalo.

In the Outside Classroom we had a ‘cave’ set up with shadow puppets, torches and shadow matching cards. The boys loved climbing in the cave and making the ‘Big Bad Mouse’ appear. Finally, the boys were invited to go on a Gruffalo hunt in the playground.

I was so thrilled with how the event turned out. My Little Elms were wonderful ambassadors for the school and the prospective families really enjoyed getting involved. Many of the parents said they felt inspired to try similar activities at home.

We are looking forward to our next Story Adventure in Littleheath Woods on Wednesday 21st March. If you would like to join us, you can find out more here.

- Mrs Skinner

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