Discovering Dinosaurs in Little Elms

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1st February 2018 | Little Elms Blog

Discovering Dinosaurs in Little Elms

This week we have been exploring Dinosaurs as part of our topic on Our World. When we explore a topic in Little Elms, we try to immerse ourselves and use all seven areas of learning to explore and investigate. At story time the boys have been listening to lots of dinosaur stories. Their favourite has been 'Dinosaurs Love Underpants'. After listening to the story several times, I’ve ask them to tell me what part they enjoyed. They then did some writing based on what they recalled.

Our challenges have also been dino based this week. The expressive arts challenge was to make a dinosaur using playdough, shapes and eyes. The maths challenge was to count dinosaurs and then sort them into different habitats according to picture cards. They then needed to count the dinos again, recognising that the total is still the same. Finally our fine motor challenge was to peg as many pants as they could on a washing line.

We also took our topic into the woods for Forest School. The boys created a dinosaur world with mud, leaves, sticks and some moss for a nest for the dino eggs. We then added three beakers filled with bicarbonate of soda and red food colouring. When the boys were happy with their creation we added a bit of vinegar and POW! Our volcanoes erupted and spread lava everywhere!

Our STEM activity was also dinosaur based. I read a story about digging for dinosaurs, then we walked around looking at dinosaur skeletons that had been placed around the room. On the tables we had dinosaur bones (straws) and black card with a simple dino skeleton drawn on them. The boys then dug for bones and had to carefully match the bones sizes to the drawings. They then stuck them on with glue. I was truly amazed by the finished work but what was most impressive was the perseverance and critical thinking that was going on. 

Next week we are off to Antarctica for The Penguin Olympics!

Click here to view photos of Little Elms discovering dinosaurs.

- Mrs Skinner

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