Meet our Minds: Mrs Anu Gogineni, Head of Computer Science

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3rd October 2019 | Meet Our Minds

Meet our Minds: Mrs Anu Gogineni, Head of Computer Science

What class do you teach at Elmhurst School for Boys and what about it do you enjoy most?
I have a great passion for Computer Science and I teach from Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 6. The primary focus of my curriculum are the following three aspects of Computer Science; Programming, Information Technology and Digital literacy. All three aspects are key ingredients for a successful transition to secondary school and beyond. For Early Years especially there is extra focus on how to be safe online and its importance. Particularly, boys at Elmhurst enjoy developing their own games using Scratch Programming and challenge themselves to make the games more and more interesting. Alongside their programming lessons, the pupils also learn data presentation skills which I feel is essential within today’s society. 

I really enjoy seeing boys go beyond their limits and push me to teach new programming languages all the time. I strongly believe that there should not be any boundaries to what students can learn and achieve. Few students, started learning Javascirpt, HTML and Python Programming in their break times.

What are the differences between the year groups, what do they learn at each stage?
In Early Years, we focus mainly on their confidence using the computer to improve their keyboard and mouse skills while learning cross curricular subjects. When pupils move on to Key Stage 1 they start to learn basic programming skills, while learning how to create documents and data handling using MS Office and Google Suite apps. In Key Stage 2 the main focus shifts heavily to programming where the boys start to learn Scratch Programming and create maths games for pupils in Years 1 and 2. Once we build up the basic skills we move on to learning HTML, micro bit programming along with robotics in Year 6.

How do you feel this class prepares our boys for the future?
Computer Science curriculum at Elmhurst School equips my pupils with comprehensive skills in logic building, coding and testing by the time they complete Year 6. This will enable them to smoothly transition into secondary school curriculum where computer science is a mainstream subject for most pupils. During my lessons the boys are introduced to broader, multidisciplinary concepts, including ways to think about technology and how it will continue to impact society. My aim is to expose our pupils to skills that will allow them to thrive in a rapidly-changing world.

How important do you feel computing and programming is in today's society? 
A key aspect of my curriculum, computational thinking, is pretty much ingrained into all aspects of life as more and more functions in our daily life are computerised. Computational thinking promotes analytical thinking, logical problem solving, methodological problem solving and algorithmic thinking. Digital Literacy and Information technology are becoming mandatory skills for any walk of life. Learning these skills at an early stage of life will only benefit the children immensely.

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