Nurturing, inspiring and celebrating in Little Elms

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10th November 2017 | Little Elms Blog

Nurturing, inspiring and celebrating in Little Elms

In Little Elms, we pride ourselves on our truly nurturing environment. Our small class size allows us to nurture each boy, enabling them to be stretched or supported in all seven areas of our curriculum. This individual attention helps develop happy, independent and well-rounded boys.

Our Buddy System is another example of how we nurture boys at Elmhurst. Each boy in Little Elms and Reception is given a Buddy from Year 6. The older boys mentor the younger boy and essentially acts as a big brother. Our Buddies are a very important part of school life. They come into Little Elm and play with us and we enjoy a Buddy Lunch once a fortnight and the Year 6 boys role model good eating behaviour. The Buddies then take the boys out for playtime. The Little Elms really enjoy spending time with their buddies and are always asking when the next Buddy Lunch will be!

This relationship also benefits the Year 6 boys. They are all going through one of the first stressful times in their lives, the preparation for the move to secondary school. Most of our Year 6 boys will be sitting several 11+ Entrance Exams and Grammar School exams and then waiting to hear their results. Allowing the Year 6 boys to come in and play in Little Elms offers them a different kind of nurturing - a chance to relax and just play.

- Mrs Skinner

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