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11th November 2014 | Headmaster's Blog

Today saw the launch of our "Roll of Honour Project".

This morning we held a special Remembrance Assembly to mark the centenary of the start of WW1 and  to launch the "Elmhurst Roll of Honour Project"  We were delighted to welcome Parents from the EFA to join us.

Over the coming weeks and months Elmhurst boys will be asking for help to trace as many Old Elmhurstian's who fought in the World Wars.  Our objective is to produce a Roll of Honour in their memory. This is a project that can involve as many members of the Elmhurst Family as possible, boys past and present, local schools and the local community.

We already have received offers of help and the boys will be following up these offers very soon.

We are lucky enough to already have some information about some Old Elmhurstians from WW1 and four of our Year 6 boys read some pieces in our assembly.

These writings are authentic and reflect the language of the time.






2nd Lieutenant Horace Link

He attended Elmhurst School from September 1895 to July 1906.

He died on the 9th September 1916.

This is a diary entry from 23rd May 1916 :

“At 9am some hot tea arrived and we all had a sip. Some bread and butter also. This was such as no meal had ever been before – great indeed!
We shelled all day long and I was “jumpy” about going along the trenches, the incessant shelling had made me shaky indeed.

One shell pitched on the company’s dump and killed a man from shock!

My Captain told me to go down to the dug- out as it was useless for me to stand out in the shelling with nothing particular.

I felt a beast, but it was common sense, although I loathed doing it – welcome though it was to be in a dug out!”

Read by Bilal Ismail (6C)







Wing Commander Gwilym Lewis

He attended Elmhurst January 1906 – December 1907

He then went to Whitgift

Wing Commander Lewis survived the war.

He died in 1996 at the age of 99

In 1976 he recalled his experience in the Royal Flying Corp.

“Looking Back….. ‘The Dogfights’ were wildly exciting.

True, I became a skilled pilot and my thinking was electric.

The enemy were driven down to their own territory on many

I recall out-manoeuvring my black crossed opponent
but shooting had to be short and vital.

At the end of a mission I would fling myself exhausted on my bed
and go completely “out” for hours.”

Read by George Farquharson (6C):


Captain Edward Underhill

He was at Elmhurst from January 1905 to July 1908.

He died on the 9th October 1916

This is an extract of a letter to his Mother.

29th September to 6th October 1915

“We heard a good many big shells going overhead making a row like an
Express train.

The trench was a bit wet and there were plenty of rats and mice. I put my foot on one of the former last night and he didn’t half squeal!

We went over our parapet and got through our wire and then started to crawl towards the “BOCHE” (German) lines.

We went for about 50 yards on our hands and knees and then crawled the rest on our stomachs…. We had to stop every few minutes and lie flat and still while a Verey pistol light was up and then we heard a machine gun firing.

We got to the first row of wire, which was about 15 yards from the Boche trench. No sooner had we started to cut the wire when a Boche shoved his head up just the other side of the wire.

He must have been very surprised.

We were spotted and must run for it before he started firing at us. He fired lustily, rapid as hard as he could go. It’s a marvel we were not hit, the bullets whistled overhead.

I am told we were very lucky to get back without being hit”.

Read by Purav Menon (6S)


Captain George Whitaker

He attended Elmhurst School from September 1898 until July 1903.

He died on 20th September 1917 aged 25 years.

His regimental Colonel wrote:

“He is a very great loss to the Regiment.  I considered him one of the best officers in the Battalion: his never failing wit and cheerfulness endeared him to all ranks.

It is something to know that he died fighting like the gallant gentleman that he was, and that his fine example and courage helped very much towards the success of the attack.”

Read by Ayo Apooyin (6S)


Please watch the website for updates of this project, if you have information you think could help us or that would be of interest please do not hesitate to contact the school at or telephone 020-8688-0661.

Charles South


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