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14th June 2019 | Headmaster's Blog

It is important to me that while boys attend Elmhurst, we nurture their talents and support their needs so that each and every boy achieves his potential, and beyond. To achieve this, a cohesive three-way approach to the learning opportunities and a consolidation plan, is required.

Firstly, it is our responsibility as educators to plan and deliver a curriculum which supports the development of your sons’ talents, providing opportunities to shine and effectively achieve in every lesson. Knowing each and every boy and valuing their individuality is key, and the small, close-knit learning community experienced by Elmhurst boys, enables teachers to know and understand the needs of each and every pupil.

Secondly, the pupil needs to be committed to achieving the best outcomes in every single lesson. A positive attitude to teachers and learning will support the development of each boy’s talents and ability to achieve and exceed his potential.

Thirdly and very importantly, the support given by parents is a vital ‘ingredient’ to the consolidation of learning in class and the achievement of full potential. Even if the time spent with your children is compromised due to long working hours, simply challenging your son with answering some times tables questions in the car on the way home, can effectively support the learning of Mathematics. Reading for ten minutes before bedtime, whether you are reading to him or he to you, will make a huge difference. Just as ten minutes practise each day of a musical instrument or a skill for sport can have a great impact on making progress in those areas, a 'little and often' approach to reading will also have an impact on learning. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that improved reading ability can lead to a much greater access to many other areas of the curriculum.

It is therefore very important that the three-way approach drives pupils' learning forward. Teachers, pupils and parents all have important roles to play. However, if parents can be committed to a 'little and often' approach to supporting their son’s learning at home, then the impact can be huge!

- A J Padfield

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