The School Development Plan: Valuing Individuality - ‘Pupil Wellbeing’

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17th January 2020 | Heads Blog

The School Development Plan: Valuing Individuality - ‘Pupil Wellbeing’

Happy New Year and welcome back to school after the Christmas break!

One of the key strands of the Elmhurst School Development Plan, is to value the individuality of each and every child. This has been achieved mainly through the Elmhurst All Rounder Award which the boys have received with great enthusiasm. The Super Citizen Missions resulted in the engagement of all the boys in activities which helped to support others inside and outside of school. It raised awareness around local issues such as the happiness and wellbeing of the elderly community in Croydon and Global issues such as the environmental crisis. The Super Communicator Missions led to boys performing musical pieces and reciting poetry in our assemblies as well as a recognition that listening to others is also an important communication skill. Communicating with learning partners and in their sports teams developed the understanding of how they could be successful, together. Meeting and greeting people at church and saying ‘good morning’ to whoever was on duty at the front door at school were also ways in which boys demonstrated their improving communication skills. This term we are focusing on being Super Collaborators and so I am looking forward to finding out which missions the boys have set themselves to demonstrate their super collaboration skills.

The next step in Valuing Individuality, is around pupil’s mental health and wellbeing. In every school, there are pupils who have been affected by experiences inside and outside of school. Whether it be a family bereavement, break up of parents or simply the stress of examinations and school transition, there are pupils across the education system needing to be nurtured in support of their personal wellbeing. At Elmhurst, we have been working hard to develop a greater understanding of how we can support our boys. Eight members of staff attended the Level 2 Mental Health Certificate course and two members of staff have also attended the Place2Be course in readiness for the opening of our new Place To Be wellbeing room in House No. 48. This has been designed to provide a quiet space for those boys who may want some nurturing and support for their personal wellbeing. As an important aspect of the PSHCEE curriculum, the boys will be taught the importance of having a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. They will learn mindfulness techniques and discuss how to cope with stress but most importantly, they will be encouraged to talk about their worries or concerns. 

Generally, boys are extremely happy at Elmhurst but it is important that we as a school, recognise that all pupils can be vulnerable and that we need to be doing everything we can to support the wellbeing of each and every one of our boys.

We have listened to the thoughts and opinions of our staff and our pupils, and we would also love to hear your thoughts as parents on how we can improve the wellbeing of our boys. Madame Hargreaves and Mrs Mawanda will be leading a Mental Health Workshop and Focus Group for parents on Tuesday 21st January at 6.30, where they will outline what we are doing as a school and why we are doing it. All parents are welcome to attend and your thoughts and opinions on this matter will be gratefully received.


AJ Padfield,


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