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10th May 2019 | Heads Blog

Congratulations must go to our Year 6 boys who now all have their places in their secondary schools of choice.

Elmhurst prides itself on preparing boys for the 11+ examinations and in doing so, pupils are also well prepared for the independent school examinations. This year's results have been very impressive - the Year 6 boys, of which there are 16 this year, have gained 9 scholarships (8 Academic and 1 Drama). This follows last year's impressive results, with one of our pupils the overall top academic performer in the Whitgift entrance examinations, whilst another was the top performer in the mathematics exam, scoring 99%.

Ultimately, every parent wants to provide the opportunity for their son to achieve a place in the right school for them and to set them up with the best experience, the relevant foundation skills and the characteristics for them to cope with the challenges of life in the 21st century. The feedback we receive from the Heads of the schools applied to supports this, with our boys described as creative, critical thinkers, unafraid to take on challenges and well prepared for the academic rigour of their entrance examinations. 

Thousands of pupils apply for Grammar School places and so Elmhurst has again proved to be very successful in achieving positive outcomes for our boys in this process. It is not enough just to have a high cognitive ability. All of the Grammar School applicants will have appropriate Cognitive Ability Test scores and they will have qualified for the 11+ exam by passing the Eligibility Exam. To stand out from the crowd, you need to have the skills, and the ability to apply them under examination conditions.

This is where I believe Elmhurst has a key strength. Our rigorous preparation process, which one could argue starts with our youngest pupils in Little Elms, facilitates the opportunity for those who are capable of achieving a Grammar School place, to gain an offer. It also supports the development of all boys in achieving their full academic potential, throughout their time at Elmhurst. After all, the best preparation for the 11+ exam is a good all-round knowledge of Maths and English and being able to apply this. Our Elmhurst Curriculum teaches beyond that of the National Curriculum, which is why we are so successful in preparing the pupils for the 11+. Furthermore, you can view our timeline for 11+ exam and secondary preparation, focused on Year 4 onwards, here.

Well done to all our Year 6 pupils for their achievements.

- Mr A J Padfield

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