About Us

At Elmhurst School for Boys, we lay the foundations for a happy and successful future through forward-thinking educational excellence and a commitment to doing the best we can, for ourselves and those around us.

An Elmhurst education offers a broad curriculum, extracurricular clubs and enrichment events which nurture curious, determined young learners. It is centred around excellent, boy-friendly discovery in a supportive environment designed to shape brilliant, kind and confident young men who care deeply about themselves, their families and the world around them and who move on from us with a strong belief in their own ability to thrive.

When the time comes to advance to senior school, you and your son will have a strong understanding of the right next steps – we will support and guide you through the senior school transition process to that end.

Do come and talk to us and discover why an Elmhurst education is the right choice for your son.

Sara Marriott