Our Team

Assistant Head (Academic)

Mr Thomas

Mr Thomas is an experienced school leader, having taught and worked as a member of the senior leadership teams in independent and mainstream schools in the UK and abroad. He has an academic background in linguistics and mathematics. Mr Thomas oversees teaching, learning and assessment at Elmhurst, and he has a passion for bringing out the best in children through rich and engaging educational experiences and fine-tuned provision which closely matches their needs. He is delighted to join the Elmhurst community and looks forward to getting to know all the boys and their families.

Finance Officer

Mrs Paris

For the past seven years, Mrs Paris has worked at Elmhurst.
She has enjoyed working in a variety of departments during this time, whether it be managing wraparound care or engaging with the children in the classroom. As a result, she has a thorough understanding of how the school operates.
With a passion for mathematics, she appreciates the day-to-day financial and business aspects of the job and continues to support parents, staff, and families.


Year 2 Class Teacher & Head of EYFS

Ms Williams

Ms Williams started her career in education more than 15 years ago. Having worked in a range of mainstream, private and international schools her passion for teaching has grown from strength to strength. She thoroughly enjoys planning a broad curriculum and range of lessons that stimulate the children’s interest and enthusiasm to learn. Observing children challenge themselves and achieve their learning outcomes is also very rewarding, watching them strive and work to their full potential. She is very much looking forward to working with the children, families, and staff, and being part of such an outstanding community here at Elmhurst.

Teaching & Support Staff

  • Mrs C. King
  • Miss L. Lamprell
  • Mr B. Thomas
  • Mr D. Brook
  • Ms C. Williams
  • Mrs D. Graham
  • Mrs R. Farmer
  • Mrs Z. Ahmed
  • Ms C. Prior
  • Ms C. Nembhard
  • Ms F. Dale
  • Ms E.O’Sullivan
  • Mrs D.Neagu
  • Mr D. Cook
  • Mr P. Venier
  • Mrs A. Gogineni
  • Ms J. Hargreaves
  • Ms M. Rochester
  • Mrs S. West
  • Ms. E. Potman
  • Mrs G. Phillips
  • Mrs L. Lloyd
  • Mrs Z. Marsh
  • Ms S. Paris
  • Ms Emma
  • Ms H. Stenning

Breakfast Club Manager

  • Charlotte King

After School Club Manager

  • Kristina Lamden (Miss Krispy)

Holiday Club Manager

  • Sharmina Karim

Kitchen & Lunchtime Staff


  • Mrs M. Carr
  • Ms K. Lamden (Miss Krispy)
  • Mrs S. Moore

Peripatetic Teachers

  • Benjamin Boyce (BB Soccer Coach)
  • Harry Dalton (BB Soccer Coach Assistant)
  • Brandon Alford (BB Soccer Coach)
  • Michael Healey (Chess Teacher)
  • Shiu Williams (Piano Teacher)
  • Graham Scrivener (Clarinet / Saxophone Teacher)
  • Matthew Oliver ( Drums Teacher)
  • Leti Mar (Violin Teacher)

School Sports Assistants

  • Mr P. Dias
  • Mr A. Peck

Caretaker & Minibus Drivers

  • Mr J. De Winnaar
  • Mr B. Press
  • Mr N. Bishop

Housekeeping Team

  • Ms L. Carew
  • Mrs S. Moore
  • Ms L. Whyte
  • Mr C. Adu Owusu
Whole School Open Morning

Friday 10th February between 09.30 and 12.00. Email marketing@elmhurstschool.net or call 020 8688 0661 for more information.