Our Team

Head Teacher

Sara Marriott

Mrs Marriott has spent her education career working with boys. As a mum to three boys herself, she has always been motivated to find methods of teaching that engaged young men in learning and particularly in reading. Before joining Elmhurst School for Boys, Mrs Marriott spent over a decade as a senior leader at Bickley Park School for Boys where she worked to develop pastoral and academic systems that boys respected and were motivated by.

Elmhurst has an incredible 150 year history of teaching young men, in leading the school now, Mrs Marriott is determined to ensure we remain leaders in the field of boys’ education and her vision is to nurture the brilliance in every boy at the school, preparing them for a successful onward journey to senior school and beyond.

Admissions Registrar

Ms Emma

Ms Emma is a key member of the Elmhurst Staff and the first port of call if you are thinking of joining us. Having attended Old Palace School for Girls in Croydon as a young girl, Ms Emma knows the area well. Since joining the Elmhurst team, Ms Emma is known for her warm and helpful manner in the office.

Head of Sports

Mr Philip Venier

In a boys’ school Sport is a central part of school life. Mr V, as he is more commonly referred to, has decades of experience in nurturing and developing young talent. As a small school we are able to adjust our sporting experiences to the cohort as well as partner with key coaches in less commonly offered areas. Olympic silver medalist Darius Knight has been a regular supporter of our table tennis development for example.

Teaching & Support Staff

  • Mrs C. King
  • Miss L. Lamprell
  • Mrs D. Graham
  • Mrs R. Farmer
  • Mrs Z. Ahmed
  • Ms C. Prior
  • Ms C. Nembhard
  • Ms F. Dale
  • Ms E.O’Sullivan
  • Mrs D.Neagu
  • Mr J. Cater
  • Mr D. Cook
  • Mr P. Venier
  • Mrs A. Gogineni
  • Ms J. Hargreaves
  • Ms M. Rochester
  • Mrs S. West
  • Ms. E. Potman
  • Mrs G. Phillips
  • Mrs L. Lloyd
  • Mrs Z. Marsh
  • Ms S. Paris
  • Ms Emma
  • Ms H. Stenning

Breakfast Club Manager

  • Charlotte King

After School Club Manager

  • Kristina Lamden (Miss Krispy)

Holiday Club Manager

  • Sharmina Karim

Kitchen & Lunchtime Staff

  • Mr D. Dolphin
  • Mrs M. Carr
  • Ms K. Lamden (Miss Krispy)
  • Mrs S. Moore

Peripatetic Teachers

  • Benjamin Boyce (BB Soccer Coach)
  • Harry Dalton (BB Soccer Coach Assistant)
  • Brandon Alford (BB Soccer Coach)
  • Michael Healey (Chess Teacher)
  • Shiu Williams (Piano Teacher)
  • Graham Scrivener (Clarinet / Saxophone Teacher)
  • Matthew Oliver ( Drums Teacher)
  • Leti Mar (Violin Teacher)

School Sports Assistants

  • Mr P. Dias
  • Mr A. Peck

Caretaker & Minibus Drivers

  • Mr J. De Winnaar
  • Mr B. Press
  • Mr N. Bishop

Housekeeping Team

  • Ms L. Carew
  • Mrs S. Moore
  • Ms L. Whyte
  • Mr C. Adu Owusu
Whole School Open Morning

Friday 7th October between 09.30 and 12.00. Email marketing@elmhurstschool.net or call 020 8688 0661 for more information.