Our Team

Assistant Head (Academic)

Mr Thomas

Mr Thomas is an experienced school leader, having taught and worked as a member of the senior leadership teams in independent and mainstream schools in the UK and abroad. He has an academic background in linguistics and mathematics. Mr Thomas oversees teaching, learning and assessment at Elmhurst, and he has a passion for bringing out the best in children through rich and engaging educational experiences and fine-tuned provision which closely matches their needs.

Head of Computing

Mrs Gogineni

Mrs Gogineni is an accomplished computer science teacher with more than ten years of experience at Elmhurst. With a strong academic foundation in Computer Science, Electronics, and Mathematics and a postgraduate degree in Computer Applications, she is highly skilled in her field. Her unwavering commitment to robotics and artificial intelligence is truly inspiring, and she encourages her pupils to enhance their analytical abilities and pursue technological advancement with enthusiasm.


Little Elms Leader

Mrs King

Hi, my name is Mrs King and I am the Pre-Reception Lead here at Elmhurst School for Boys.

I absolutely adore my career and love being able to share in the boys’ love of learning. Supporting learning with new ideas, structure and awe and wonder makes every day a fulfilled one.

I started in the childcare sector at 17 years old, working my way up from Room Leader (after receiving my level 3 Qualification in Child care – CACHE) to a Deputy Director of a cluster of nurseries. Being able to support my staff team and help create a vision with the child at its heart was wonderful.

I studied independently to gain my level 4 (Open University) hoping that this would give me insight into new ideas and theories about children and their learning. I passed in 2018 and although I enjoyed the learning, I wanted to put more into practice and be more ‘hands on’ and so I moved to Elmhurst School for Boys to lead the newly established provision.

Having a son myself, I knew being with boys was going to be fun, energetic, and ‘messy’ and, wow, I was indeed correct! Every day is great and being supported with my own visions, as well as working within the school, has been incredibly fulfilling.

At Elmhurst School for Boys, we want to be able to offer learning where it’s not only adult structured but with the ability to be guided by the boys themselves. This way they take their learning into their own hands, and begin to form not only a love for learning but also a drive to learn more, go further and push their own abilities. We offer this in abundance and I am always so happy to hear great feedback from my wonderful parents.

The transition to our Reception class is a seamless one, as we work together, throughout the year, to build the relationships and familiarity with the rest of the early years team in school.

Teaching & Support Staff

  • Mrs C. King
  • Miss L. Lamprell
  • Mr B. Thomas
  • Mr D. Brook
  • Mrs D. Graham
  • Mrs R. Farmer
  • Mrs Z. Ahmed
  • Ms C. Prior
  • Ms F. Dale
  • Ms E.O’Sullivan
  • Mrs D.Neagu
  • Mr P. Venier
  • Mr P. Dias
  • Mrs A. Gogineni
  • Ms J. Hargreaves
  • Ms M. Rochester
  • Mrs S. West
  • Mrs L. Lloyd
  • Ms S. Paris
  • Ms Emma
  • Ms H. Stenning
  • Ms D. Patel
  • Ms E Hone

Breakfast Club Manager

  • Charlotte King

After School Club Manager

  • Kristina Lamden (Miss Krispy)
  • Miss L. Lamprell

Holiday Club Manager

  • Sharmina Karim

Kitchen & Lunchtime Staff


  • Mrs M. Carr
  • Ms K. Lamden (Miss Krispy)
  • Mrs S. Moore

Peripatetic Teachers

  • Benjamin Boyce (BB Soccer Coach)
  • Harry Dalton (BB Soccer Coach Assistant)
  • Brandon Alford (BB Soccer Coach)
  • Michael Healey (Chess Teacher)
  • Shiu Williams (Piano Teacher)
  • Graham Scrivener (Clarinet / Saxophone Teacher)
  • Matthew Oliver ( Drums Teacher)
  • Leti Mar (Violin Teacher)

School Sports Assistants

  • Mr P. Dias

Caretaker & Minibus Drivers

  • Mr P. Stenning
  • Mr B. Press
  • Mr N. Bishop

Housekeeping Team


  • Ms L. Whyte
  • Mr C. Adu Owusu
  • Mrs S. Moore