Elmhurst School is proud of the achievements of its’ pupils, and we are always keen to hear from our former pupils about where they are now and what they have been doing since leaving Elmhurst.

Many children come to the school as a result of personal recommendations and several of our current pupils are the sons of former pupils. The centenary of the birth of a former pupil – P.G. Wodehouse – was celebrated in 1981; his publishers presented a set of his books to the school which we keep in our Library. Another former pupil, Tom Sharpe, is of course still producing best-selling novels.

Are you a former pupil?

We are gathering old friends to reminisce on the old days and see how Elmhurst has changed over the years. Please fill in the form below to keep updated with the school alumni events and find out more!

Friday 19th April

Elmhurst School Open Day

Come and see how great Elmhurst is.

Friday 19th April 2024

9:30am  – 12pm

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