The Classroom and Beyond

Being a boys’ school provides us with the unique opportunity to focus on what makes learning the best possible experience for boys and to shape our provision to achieve that. Have a look at some of the ways we shape out provision to create a boy-friendly learning experience.

Forest School

Our commitment to Forest School and outdoor learning is one way in which we deepen boys’ learning and build their confidence. All boys visit the local woods on a weekly basis for one term each year. The sessions are designed to provide opportunities for exploration, encourage free play and calculated risk taking.

Led by a level 3 Forest School practitioner, boys learn the rules of the outdoors, the importance of the fire circle and develop a respect for the countryside. Half of the term will focus on supporting curriculum learning outdoors and, in recent years, the Nile River and its floodplains have been brought to the muddy banks of Little Heath Woods quite a few times.


Whilst Sport is an important part of our curriculum, boys are also given the opportunity to compete in different sports from time to time. Cross country, athletics and football all provide the chance to enjoy the buzz of events and with our new astroturf surface we hope to add Hockey to the mix of competitive events.

Lucky enough to have two cricket nets on site, many boys at Elmhurst share a passion for cricket, something supported with regular out of school training opportunities and links to local cricket clubs.

Footballers are also commonplace at school and we are proud of the level of skill our boys show. From as young at Little Elms, boys are given the chance to develop their skills with dedicated football coaches visiting the school. As talented youngsters emerge in the school our Head of Sport works hard to provide introductions to links and pathways that can support development alongside the school’s core offer.


An important life skill, swimming is taught to all our pupils from the Summer Term in Reception. We make use of a range of excellent nearby facilities at Whitgift, Trinity and Royal Russell schools, which also gives boys an introduction to different school environments. Our Head of Swimming oversees the provision and an annual gala is held towards the end of the year for boys to showcase their learning and enjoy an element of competition.


Micro-geeks are nurtured at Elmhurst from a young age as this eponymous on site after school club is fed by learners who benefit from specialist teaching from their first days with us. Using lego mindstorms robotics the development of skills leads some boys to success at design and technology scholarships at senior school.

School Council

The lower school pupils play an active role on school council, often working in pairs on behalf of their classes to make sure their voice is heard by those charged with school development.

After-school clubs and activities

All boys in the school are able to choose from enrichment activities, the majority of which take place after school. New clubs are regularly added and parents and pupils are encouraged to make suggestions as to additions they would like to see in the programme. Recently Taekwondo, Skateboarding and Yoga joined the club offer, alongside regular favourites such as Chess Club, Badminton and Orchestra.

Whole School Open Morning

Friday 7th October between 09.30 and 12.00. Email or call 020 8688 0661 for more information.