The Academic Journey

From the moment your child joins us, whether it is in Little Elms or later in the school, we will work to deepen our understanding and support the progression of their learning.

Our commitment to small class sizes means our pupil teacher relationships are strong but we also draw on the educational expertise of GL Assessments to gather data and ensure our teachers assessments of a pupil are based on a broad and compelling evidence base.

For each pupil the academic journey will be different. At Elmhurst we work hard to ensure it is optimal at every stage by being responsive to emerging trends and behaviours, by adopting new initiatives that support progress and attainment and using rigorous tracking measures to follow progress, intervening when it falters.  That said, the majority of our pupils make more than expected progress, as our small class sizes and nurturing approach allows teachers to cater for individual needs, interests and talents.


Our integrated curriculum is broad and balanced and delivered in innovative ways to provide appropriate stretch and challenge to all our pupils, exciting and engaging them and giving them ownership in their learning. Exceptional results should be a by-product of the education that we offer, not the exclusive focus, but we do ensure pupils are encouraged to aim high, providing them with everything they need to succeed.

Specialist teachers and class teachers work together to provide a wide range of environments for our young learners to thrive in. Our dedicated Art space, Music Room, IT room, Libraries and Science classrooms hold many resources to engage and enthrall. Children are encouraged to visit these spaces independently too, outside of lessons, allowing them to explore their interests in more depth.

Throughout their time at Elmhurst, we work to shape interested learners with a desire to thrive and an interest and care for the world around them. Pupils develop their confidence in their personal, social and emotional wellbeing. They have a fine moral compass, able to make the right choices and are able to lead happy, fulfilled lives. It is our ambition to ensure an Elmhurst education develops compassionate young people: caring deeply for themselves; their loved ones; their communities and the wider world, of which they are part. Kindness and respect are two of our school values and signal the importance we place on building strong positive relationships in all aspects of life.

The Journey to 11+

At Elmhurst we are extremely proud of our outcomes for our pupils through the 11+ process and we work to support your child to achieve their very best and find the right senior school environment for them.

Pupils regularly secure scholarships at their chosen secondary school and our relationships with local independent schools in the area are very strong, with one Head recently commenting on just how well we prepare our children for senior school. That preparation is not an accidental consequence but something we work hard to achieve for all our alumni.