The House System

Communities are an important part of our lives and within our school community we enjoy a sense of belonging with others throughout the school in our well established house system. From Reception to Y6, the pupils are allocated a house and proudly wear their house colour in a badge as well as in PE kit.

Eponymous with significant, long-serving headmasters: Squire, Anderson, Peachell and Scott; the houses have their own distinctive battle cry, which the boys can be heard reciting at times of great celebration – such as a weekly house point victory or a sports team success.

Within the House System comes the chance for leadership and in Y6 are voted for to lead the houses. Their role, together with their deputies, is to bring together pupils across the year groups and unite them in a shared responsibility for their community.

The smaller vertical groupings also provide an opportunity for pupils to work with other teaching staff who may be in their house and build friendships with boys they normally would not have the opportunity to work with. House lunches, competitions and events provide the chance for those relationships to blossom.

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