Integrated Curriculum

Instilling a love of learning, developing curious learners with a determination to discover and a brave approach that avoids the constraints a fear of failure can create is what we hope to achieve in our classrooms.

Boys centric learning that chunks information, presents it in interesting ways and captures our pupils’ imagination is at the heart of our planned curriculum. To that end, we have developed an integrated learning approach which links English with other subjects to enable us to facilitate how the boys learn best and are engaged. Each thematic unit will have a focus text at the centre of it to support concrete understanding and provide an exciting context for learning, which reflects the individuals that make up our diverse and unique community.

Reception enjoy a visit from the local fire service as part of their integrated curriculum topic on Croydon.

Each term an Integrated Curriculum Plan Overview is shared with parents, providing insight into the planned journey for the term and creating opportunities for supporting learning at home. Library books and classroom displays also support the thematic learning and every term boys will enjoy at least one enrichment opportunity to add to their experiences.

The curriculum up to Y6 aims to marry together the strengths of the revised National Curriculum in the Primary Years with the entrance requirements of the selective senior schools to which pupils apply and the next phase of their education alongside the aims and ethos of the school. Moreover, the curriculum is balanced and broadly based, and strongly promotes the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical development of our pupils.