11+ Results

Our results for this year have been remarkable with all 13 boys in Year 6 gaining a place in a highly desired Grammar school or a renowned Independent School.

Everything we do from the moment you join us at Elmhurst is preparing your child for not only their journey through the school but also beyond. From building familiarity with school life through class assemblies to gradually increasing the number of subjects taught by specialist teachers, an Elmhurst focused education is one that ensures a successful progression through the school while also preparing your child for life in senior education.

Our preparation for 11+ is pivotal and we have a clear, structured approach that determines results which begins the moment your child enters the school. We work very closely with parents in helping them gain the best secondary school for their child. Being a small and nurturing school, we have the advantage of knowing each pupil well and work in partnership with parents in establishing the best route for their child to securing their desired secondary school.

Over the years, we have seen a constant flow of success with the majority of pupils heading to a mix of private and grammar schools. We are extremely proud of each child’s achievement and are happy to share their destination and success with all current and prospective pupils.

Please see the results from previous years:

Leavers 2023

Leavers 2014 – 2019 

Senior school destinations vary depending on the cohort, however for many years, Whitgift and Trinity are heavily preferred destinations as well as Caterham School and The Cedars. As for grammars, many of our children successfully receive offers from Wilson’s, Wallington Boys and Greenshaw.

For our girls, we are constantly forming new and close relationships with secondary schools especially grammars such as Wallington Girls and Nonsuch. Our aim is develop your child to be an all-rounded individual with an academic advantage. We work in close partnership with you throughout your time at Elmhurst to make sure you are supported in making selections for your child and will provide them with the best chance to flourish.