Welcome to Prep School

Welcome to the Prep School

Elmhurst School is a small, family school and if you visit and asked our pupils about the upper and lower schools they may look at you in a slightly puzzled manner. We are one school. However, there are some key development milestones at play during these years which mean from an organisational perspective it is valuable to create distinctions in the educational journey.

Lower Key Stage 2

By lower key stage 2 (Years 3 & 4) our pupils are developing as independent individuals. Boundaries are more likely to be challenged and self esteem is fragile as they step away from their parents’ shadow towards their own place in the sun. Whilst this transition is a gradual one, the school lays the foundations for boys and girls to flourish with high expectations of behaviours both personally and in learning.

In the classroom, pupils meet specialist teachers more frequently with Science now included as a specialist lesson. In Year 4, both English and Maths are also delivered by a specialist teacher as the gentle move away from a single teacher is promoted. This shift is a key benefit of our preparatory education as pupils become familiar with differing expectations of teachers and build their own responsibility for learning.

Pastorally too, our pupils are expected to take greater responsibility for their items and organisation with homework deadlines likely to be varied and more numerous. Google classroom is used across the school to manage homework load and, by Y4, are asked to monitor their responsibilities, in the first instance.

Upper Key Stage 2

Pupils in Years 5 and 6 have an additional reminder of their seniority in the school, as they are located in their own house at number 44 South Park Hill Road. The building has a more senior feel to it in terms of display and are given additional privileges to their younger counterparts at break times in outdoor and indoor spaces.

Booster classes in Maths and English are offered through the crucial terms in Year 5 and 6 to support preparations for senior school exams.

Strong relationships with staff are built and, although expectations step change again in this final part of the key stage, pupils are still nurtured and supported to develop their brilliance.