Reception Do Phonics with Year 6

Posted: 7th February 2022

Year 6 came to Reception today to work with the younger boys on their writing about ‘People who help us.’

The older boys were very good teachers and encouraged their buddies to write a sentence using capital letters, finger spaces, plausible spelling with phonics and full stops at the end.
After that, the boys enjoyed reading to one another.

Jacob (Reception) said, “My buddy helped me write and he can check it as well.” His buddy, Max (Year 6) said, “I feel proud about helping Jacob.”
Edward (Reception) said, “I like to read to him (my buddy). Delali (Year 6) said, “I feel good about helping my buddy read as he feels accomplishment when he reads a hard word.”
William (Year 6) said, “It was really nice to spend time with my buddy as I helped him.”
Olu (Reception) said, “My writing was easier because my buddy helped me.”
Aren (Y6) and Idris (Reception) said they both felt happy and good about the writing.

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