Head of Royal Russell Mr Hutchinson visits Elmhurst

16th September 2022

Mr Hutchinson spoke to the boys about the importance of finding opportunities to be kind to others. As an act of kindness, he also donated a book to the school library.

Year 6 meet their Nursery buddies

13th September 2022

At the start of term our eldest pupils are asked to buddy up with our nursery children, meeting up with them weekly for lunch and spending play times together. These relationships are beneficial to both the older and younger pupils and become a very important part of their school life.  

LAMDA Exam Results

8th July 2022

Congratulations to Areeb, Nishil, Luke and Daniyal who received their LAMDA certificates. Madame Hargreaves was very proud that they all passed the Public Speaking Exam with distinctions. Well done boys!!

Year 6’s Macbeth production

7th July 2022

Year 6 held their end of year production of Macbeth last night. The boys have been working very  hard and their efforts were rewarded with a memorable collaborative performance that demonstrated the creativity, humour and close camaraderie of these young men. It was Shakespeare for the modern day, with rap, humour (yes, in a tragedy)…

Year 6 win The National Mathematics Championships

5th July 2022

More than 400,000 children take part annually with 50 teams making it through to the finals across the country. As a school we are very proud of this massive achievement. Also congratulations to Year 5 for coming 17th and thank you to all the parents who supported this event.

French Lunch

23rd June 2022

Boys enjoyed a French themed lunch and got to try some traditional French cuisine. The menu consisted of poulet a la creme and gratin dauphinois, rounded off nicely with a mousse au chocolat! There was even a cheese tasting board for afters.  

ISA Athletics

13th June 2022

All the boys had a fabulous day at the ISA Athletics event at Norman Park. Oj had a brilliant battle at the year 5 high jump just missing out on the gold medal and Tristan picked up two Bronze medals at the 150 Metre and the Ball throw. Congratulations and well done to all involved….

Head’s Blog: Inspiration

30th May 2022

Inspiration is a very personal thing. For some, Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’ is exactly the sort of prose that lights a fire inside them, providing focus and forward momentum, and chosen by the sport of Rugby as inspiration for players many times over. For others, learning and research provide a message that resonates and motivates. I…

Year 5 Art lesson based on the work of Andy Goldsworthy

24th May 2022

As part of our outdoor learning/enrichment programme, Year 5 went to Croham Hurst ancient woodlands for an authentic and experiential Art lesson based on the work of Andy Goldsworthy. The objective was to create ephemeral art in situ. This was an immersive experience, after watching a film introducing the artist, we walked through the woodlands,…

Congratulations to our Talented Year 6 Class of 2022

1st April 2022

The Year 6s have finished their 11+ exams and most of the offers and scholarships have been made and taken up. Details on this below. As you can see, the number of schools applied to continues to increase, with Mrs. Marriott’s knowledge of schools in Bromley aiding some parents with their decisions. We are extremely…

Whole School Open Morning

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