Head’s Blog: The Art of Performance

Posted: 1st April 2022

Will Smith’s very public behaviour at the Oscars Award ceremony this week has understandably dominated news coverage of the event and, rather regrettably for him, overshadowed a long awaited career high. It serves as a clear example of the impact our behaviour choices have on how we are seen by others and the challenge human beings face to rein in and manage their emotions. 


In a prep school environment, we witness on a daily basis that challenge to maintain control and make good choices. I regularly applaud the staff in our Little Elms pre-Reception class, particularly, for the incredible work they do, day in and day out, to support the youngest in managing and controlling their behaviour. Those choices and our ability to control them make such a positive impact on our lives.


There are many ways that we teach that discipline in school and In watching the Year 3 & 4 play this week, diving through the wardrobe into Narnia, I was reminded of the power of performance as a learning vehicle. Several times I marvelled at the large casts’ ability to move around the stage without incident and the discipline with which the fight scene was navigated was impressive. Accomplished performances in the Spring Concert earlier in the week also spoke to an emerging level of discipline and confidence as our brave boys entertained us. 


Earlier this week we shared the parent survey feedback and as we look to set out the direction for school development, Elmhurst School for Boys recognised strength in nurturing our young men is at the heart. The building of self esteem, discipline and confidence through performance is a key area we will be focussing on. The introduction of drama brings the potential to strengthen boys’ voices in both written and spoken word as well as deepening their appreciation for others and helping young men understand and respond to their emotions positively.


Whilst Will Smith may regret his behaviour, the global reach it has had provides a clear reminder for us all on the importance of self discipline and the consequences of behaviour choices.

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